Flags are all Different!

Dear Mommies and Daddies,

‘Dare to be different’ was our motto for today in Flowers Class. We enjoyed many activities and although we love to play and express ourselves a few of us have been following our friends. We knew the values book for this month is all about how to stand up for ourselves and doing what we believe is right. In circle time today we talked at the beginning about how each and every country in the world has its own flag, sometimes animal or even flower. The wall map has lots and lots of flag pictures at the bottom and so we could see all the different shapes and colors those counties use. Some flags also had pictures of things such as wheels, the sun, the moon and even crests that look like castles!  We decided to make our own flags today and in our main circle time we split into 3 separate groups. The first group played a ‘find the flag’ game which was great fun with Pauline. We saw some flags and then had to search for the matching flags on the big wall poster. Pauline also had some bigger country flags from many different countries to show us too. In the class library Pooja worked with the second group designing our own flags. We thought of many different things we would like to see on our own flags including animals, hearts and flowers. We drew on the large whiteboard easel our excellent ideas. Pooja also showed us the book about having the courage to be different and it was very useful when we were drawing because sometimes it is easy to just copy our friends ideas. At the main table the third group of us started to make our own flags. We put our names on the back of the paper and then selected or made the colored  shapes such as stripes, circles, hearts, rectangles, zig-zags, triangles and squares. We arranged the pieces on the paper first until we had a layout that we liked and then stuck the pieces down carefully on the paper. Next week we are going to add further details to our flags with markers or colored paper too. Because we had 3 activities today we soon realized that we would not have time to go to the park unfortunately. We decided to play one of our favorite games ‘Freeze’. We had a great time dancing and jumping with our friends. When Pooja said “freeze” we had to stay as still as possible. If we moved we were out of the game. For the final few minutes of the morning Pauline asked us all to lie down on the floor, face up, with our hands on the floor. She put on some calming music and told us to imagine the stars looking down at is. This was very relaxing, thanks Pauline. Have a great weekend everyone,

Love Darren, Pauline, Pooja and all the children in Flowers Class.

Ohana International School