International Month: France

            Good morning everyone! It was a gloomy day and we felt a little rain outside. After doing our morning jobs, we went to our art table to do some painting. Today, it was really fun because we had to continue the painting that we’re doing for our special event at Ohana on March 16. Our teachers told us to use the sponge and dip it in the paint. After that, we had to squeeze the paint out of the sponge and just let it dip on our canvas. The effect was really amazing because we felt that we’re making stars around our paintings. When we’re finished, we asked our teachers if we could paint more and they gave us some newspaper and crayons to explore with. Our friends asked our teachers if they could draw Ampanman. They really tried so hard to make it look like him but the drawing needed more time to put in more details.

            In our carpet area, we had the cars and trucks. We just love to combine the transportation vehicles together and park them on our shelves. Then, we went to the play dough to make some little eggs with Nimo. He reminded us to be careful when playing with the dough because it might fall to the floor. We chopped and molded the play dough as much as we could.

            Next, Antoine’s mom (Gaelle) and Camille’s mom (Armelle) were here to do our international month. We were so excited to see them today because Gabrielle (Antoine’s brother) was also here to play with us. We did some morning warm-up exercises just to start our day. We did a little face yoga and explored everything that our hands could do. We made different sounds with our hands by snapping, flicking our fingers and swishing them together. It’s also amazing because we’re able to explore what we could do with our feet. We imagined that we could ride on a bicycle and to understand the importance of moving our bodies.

            Gaelle and Armelle introduced many things about France. First, they showed some pictures of Tokyo tower and shinkansen. Then, they also showed us the Eiffel tower and TGV train from France. We noticed that they are pretty much the same of what we could see here and in their own country. They also showed us the “beret” – a special hat from France. John said that some painters/artists also use this kind of hat. They mentioned that it was a common thing that you can wear on your head. They showed us some mini-pictures of the things and places that we could see in Japan and France. Lastly, Gabrielle read a story about a wolf who was dressing up before catching his food. We really appreciate what Gabu did to Buds class today. He was very kind to everyone and helped mommy to do the international month. We also learned the song called “Ainsi font”. It’s a famous children’s song about puppets. We moved our hands up and down and put them behind our back. Thank you so much Gaelle, Armelle and Gabrielle for the wonderful international month. We enjoyed so much of your presentation and hopefully we could also visit France too.

            Sayaka read a story about a man who makes an onigiri. It was a small circle time activity but we always enjoyed listening to her stories. We sang more songs and played with the plastic balls before having our lunch. Thank you so much Ohana for another great day!

Lots of love,

All the energetic children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School