Happy Valentine's Day

How much love can a person get?

How much love can a person get in one day?

How much love can a person get in one day and feel full from?

We are always full from all the love that we receive every day, however today, we were bursting with “love fullness”. We realized that the words from the song “Love is something if you give it away, it will come right back to you” are so true.

We want to thank our teachers and our friends for their endless love, cards and gifts that they gave us today. Barbara and Miles gave us each a little note and we have a bag of yummy goodies and a card to give to our families when we get home today. We all wore something red, pink or white to school as these seem to be the colours that represent love.

We did some special food preparation this morning which focused on healthy foods and how you can make them look interesting. We used apples, mandarins and tomatoes and made them into heart shapes. First, we cut the tomatoes and then joined the two shapes together to make a heart shape which we joined together with a toothpick. Then we cut the mandarin pieces and joined two together to make hearts and joined them with a toothpick as well. Then we used a heart shaped cutter and cut out some heart shapes from the two apples. One apple was green and one was red. We took the heart shapes pieces and swopped them. We put the red hearts into the cut outs on the green apple and the green hearts into the cut outs on the red apple. This is what they looked like.

We had a lot of apple left at the end of the day so our teachers cut the apples into pieces and we ate them after rest time. Our teachers love seeing us eat so much fruit and healthy food. We liked eating the mandarin/mikan but we were not so keen on the tomatoes. After we had made all the lovely Valentine shapes with the fruit and vegetables, Shelley told us a story. It was called “The Little Red House”. It was not an ordinary house because it had no windows and no doors. But…………….you’ll never guess what there was inside. A star. The little girl or sometimes it can be a boy, went looking for a little red house with no windows and no doors and a star inside but she couldn’t find it anywhere. She asked so many people but no one knew where the house was. And then……..her grandmother suggested that she ask the wind. The wind blew really, strongly and led her to an apple orchard where a big red apple fell from the tree. Ah, now she knew what the little red house with no windows and no doors was. But she didn’t know that there was a star inside. Shelley took a knife and cut through the centre of the apple and you won’t believe it…..there was a star inside.  In fact there were two stars inside; one on each half.

At the activity tables, we made Valentine pictures on one page in our workbooks/portfolios. We used red and pink markers, coloured pencils and sparkly pens and made a picture. Afterwards we pasted a variety of collage materials on the page. We had patty pans, coloured matchsticks, shiny translucent shapes, foam shapes and tape in red, white, and pink. Some of us were able to draw heart shapes and even tell a story about what we had drawn.

Thanks for a fabulous Valentine’s Day at school. We were sad to miss Joaquin and Risako who are still sick and Anneke who is travelling in Japan. We hope that Nobu will be well enough to come back to school tomorrow as he has been away for a long time.

Enjoy the rest of Valentine’s Day! We love you!


All the children in Petals Class.

Ohana International School