Monday gym time!

Good morning everyone! We had an exciting weekend and we’re definitely going to have a great day again in Buds class. We greeted our teachers with a big smile and of course, giving them hugs is also part of our routine. After our packing away our stuff, we went to our activity tables and started categorizing the bears according to the different colors. We also went to the other table and found some puzzles. There were four puzzle boards that we could complete and some of our friends were so good at it. They finished the puzzle in a very short time. Others were trying their best to do this but needed more time and practice to get used to connecting and putting the pieces together.

            In our carpet area, we also had some cars and trucks that we could play with today. We imagined the cars going around the classroom like the shelf and other areas of our play space. In the library, our teachers read some animal books for us too. It was really cool because we chose our own storybooks and so we listened attentively the whole time.

            During our circle time, we learned a new song with a title “I can do it”. The song went something like this…

I can clean up my toys…

I can do it.

I can put on my shoes…

I can do it.

I can pack my books away…

I can do it.

Let’s do it together, let’s do it together…

With a smile on our face.

 We also did some fine motor and gross motor skills activities. First, we put our hands up in the air and wiggled our fingers as much as we could. Then, we clapped our hands, patted our knees and legs, rubbed our hands together, knock our fists, touched our elbows and touched our toes. It was a fun game because we’re able to move our bodies the whole time. John also told a story with the puppets. We had Bingo Jack (husky) and Peter Rabbit. The story was about two friends playing with the toys but Bingo Jack didn’t want to pack away after playing. The next day, Peter rabbit asked him where his toy was but Bingo Jack couldn’t find it.  The moral of the story was always to put your toys away so that you could always find them.

                       It’s Monday and Miyashita-sensei was waiting for us. We started our gym session by doing the warm-up activities and then he put two chairs with the string attached to them. We jumped over the string and crawled under it. The next challenge was to walk on the line carefully and to get onto the cushion then jump off again. It was pretty amazing because we’re able to practice our balance and coordination skills. Lastly, we played the “Ghost game” before saying goodbye to our Miyashita-sensei.

                       We played our indoor games and our teachers gave balls and bowling pins to play around with. We also did the rolling ball game then sang the “Wheels on the Bus”. Thank you so much for the fantastic day again and see you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the active children in Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School