Oni wa sotto, fuku wa uchi

It’s another great day in Buds class today and the weather was just so wonderful. We’re thrilled to go outside and feel the sunshine again. After our morning routines, our teachers prepared some toys that we could play with. We also had an amazing art activity that we needed to continue from yesterday. It was the watercolor art that was covered with a plastic wrap.

            The counting bears and some finger puppets were on the other table. We were very creative because we got the colorful cups and put all the bears and finger puppets in them. After that, we asked our teachers if we could get some musical instruments because we really wanted to make music in the classroom. We got the recorder, castanets and some drums. We loved to surround ourselves with music and that’s because many of our skills are developing every time we play and hear music in the classroom.  



            For our circle time, Sayaka read us a book about Setsubun. Setsubun is a bean throwing ceremony done every February 3rd. In the book that Sayaka read us, there are scary monsters called Oni that live in your house and bring a lot of unlucky stuff. On Setsubun day we throw soy-beans at the Oni to get them to leave our house. After the Oni leave our house “Fuku” the stuff that brings lucky stuff comes into our house! Sayaka made two big scary Oni’s a blue one and a red one. We shouted, “Oni wa sotto, fuku wa uchi!” Sayaka taught us that “oni wa soto” means Oni goes outside and “fuku wa uchi” which means Fuku come inside. Don’t worry mom and dad, we will take care of the big scary monsters in our house!

            It was really nice to go to the park. We saw the Petals class and played with them for a bit. On the way back to school, it was very windy and felt cold. We thought that the weather was a combination of sunshine and wind but still felt good. Thank you so much Ohana for thewonderful learning experience again today. See you all tomorrow! Havea nice day!

Lots of love,

All the fantastic children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School