Aloha, Hawaii here we come !

Dear Mommies and Daddies,

Today we went to Hawaii with all our friends in Flowers Class and with Chiaki from Buds class. Chiaki joins us every Thursday in February to gain new experiences and enjoy working with our older children. It is always great to have new friends and teachers to play with! Thank you Chiaki.


On the main table today several of us completed our tiny perler beads artwork. It was slow work putting all the beads on the pegboards carefully but once we had done it we then saw Darren get a hot iron from the cupboard and iron the beads to make them stick together. They were hot for a little while and we knew we couldn’t touch them but once they had cooled off we could play with them and take them home. One of our friends brought along 3 little whiteboards and markers today and we enjoyed using them to write and draw pictures on. We did really well and wrote words without the teachers help such as: mom, dad and pen. Easy! We used the play food and crockery to go on a play picnic with Pooja in the library area today and soon had so much food to choose from. It was great fun doing imaginative play with our friends and we love it!


After packing away the toys and art materials we had our small circle time together. First we made a circle and held hands. We then tried putting our hands up and remembered the word ‘vertical’.


We then tried sitting without using our hands at all. Darren then showed us all some small counter animals arranged in a circle. One of the animals was not part of the circle and we soon saw that one of our friends was not sitting with us and were not part of the group. When Darren turned around and faced away from us we said he wasn’t part of the group either. We like to be part of the group and had a chance to play with the small animals and then put them back as part of the circle group. After snack time we looked at a he map of the world. Unlike the wall map this one showed us lots of countries and at the bottom, lots of flags. We saw how Japan, Australia and the U.K are all islands with water all around. We saw that there was a word on the Japan map ’Tokyo’ which is the capital city. We then pretended to be going to another country and put the destination, capital city and airplane departure time on the big blackboard.


Wow! Today we went to Hawaii. We had a pilot, 2 flight attendants and an immigration officer to check our passports and tickets before boarding the plane. We had our passports stamped and flew off to Hawaii. The flight attendants served us water and checked our seatbelts were done up correctly. We knew the weather is hot and sunny in Hawaii and we could swim and make sandcastles too. After landing we headed for the park together and enjoyed saying ‘Aloha’ to our friends in the warm sunshine.

Have a great afternoon, Aloha!


Darren, Pooja, Chiaki and all the international travelers in Flowers Class.

Ohana International School