We learn in so many ways

Hi friends! We’re ready for another beautiful day. It’s nice to have our friends around because we also learn how to communicate and connect our feelings to them. We started our day by greeting our teachers with a warm smile on our faces and gave them a big hug. After our morning jobs, Sayaka invited us to go to the activity table and we all started painting with our sponges. Some of our friends really wanted to explore the whole activity so we used our hands to spread the paint. It was really nice to explore but of course we still used our sponges to make more patterns on our canvas. We used white, red and yellow and we’re excited to see the finished artwork in the next few days.

            Chiaki was patiently teaching us how to lace with our special shapes. It was really nice of her to show us how to put the thread slowly until we’re able to finish all the holes. However, some of us needed to practice more and develop our fine motor skills on this area. It’s a bit challenging but in the end, we’re able to finish with help from our teachers. Nimo, on the other hand, stayed beside the sensory table and we’re all very interested to touch and feel the texture of the pine cones, wooden chips, flowers, leaves, twigs and some stems. We even loved to touch the artificial grass and we just kept on using our gentle hands. This way, we are also learning how to process this information and explore the world around us. We are just so thankful to have this opportunity to re-discover our surroundings by actually touching and feeling the whole learning experience.

            During our circle time, John gathered us to sing our morning songs. We love to call our friends’ names because we feel that this is our connection to them. Our teachers also encourage us to call our names because it gives us more confidence to say it in front of everyone. Afterwards, he showed us the toy snake. This toy really looks like one because of the texture and color it has. Some of us told our teachers that they were afraid of the snakes but later on, we were all able to touch it without any hesitation. One of our friends said that her daddy is not afraid of snakes. It’s a good thing to know that because most of us in the classroom were scared of it. We also did our fire and earthquake drill. We still needed more time to get used to this routine especially for our new friends. When we got to the temple, we all put our helmets on. Our teachers split the group into two again. We went upstairs and walked around Motoazabu!

            Thank you so much everyone for another adventurous day. See you all again tomorrow! Have a nice day!

Lots of love,

All the amazing children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School