Happy Birthdays and Flags!

Dear Mommies and Daddies,

Today we celebrated one of our friend’s 5th birthday in Flowers Class. We wanted to say a big ‘CONGRATULATIONS’! to our friend. We were so lucky to have books, singing and yummy cake at the party. We were also a little sad to hear that our teacher Pooja had a family emergency and needed to return to India for a few days and we wish her all the best. We hope to see Pooja again on Thursday this week.  We have a special day tomorrow with Valentine’s day and a surprise and to prepare today we saw a special blue and a special pink card on the table. Inside there were lots of pictures of us and we could add our own names as well as a small picture to the card.  On the main carpet we saw a manipulative toy we haven’t seen in a while ‘K-Nex’. This a is construction toy with wheels, bars and connectors. We love to put together lots of the pieces and make objects although it often takes us a while to make some things. The wooden Kapla blocks are always popular with many of us and we enjoy laying them out to build a tower. We were a little surprised to hear that we only had 5 more minutes to play today as we were soon going to be having a birthday party. We soon packed away and got ready on the carpet for our special mommy and daddy guests. We were so happy to see Hiroko and Carl arrive. Carl very kindly read one of our friend’s favorite books called ‘A sister more like me’.  A few of us have this book at home and so we knew just how much fun it is. Thank you Carl! Hiroko then presented the class with a donation book called ‘The Bear and The Piano’. Thank you Hiroko, we read the book after our gym class and we all loved it. We gave our friend her wonderful birthday cards which she stretched out and sang Happy Birthday too. “If you’re Happy and you know it” was a great way to start moving and then we moved to the table for some yummy snacks. We were so lucky to have such wonderful party food and wanted to burn off some energy after finishing. Thank you Carl & Hiroko!  After packing away our snacks we looked at the new class book ‘the bear and the piano’ and then it was time for our weekly gym class with Miyashita Sensei. We did really well today with our balancing and stretching exercises as well as our jumping with both feet together. In circle time we looked again at flags and shapes. We were so surprised to see so many flags with stripes and discovered some were ‘vertical’ while others were ‘horizontal’. We found a few other shapes easily too such as circles, stars and triangles too. We looked at the flags of; Poland, Austria, France, Italy, Germany, The USA, Indonesia, Mexico, The Philippines, Canada and Mexico.

Have a great afternoon,


Darren, Pauline and all the international travelers in Flowers Class.

Ohana International School