Granny B came to read stories to us


Can you believe it? Our classroom smelled of a bakery again today. Our last batch of cookies are really cute. We made green and red dough and for some of the cookies, we tried to roll the dough into snakes. Once we had rolled one red and one green snake, we twisted them together and made them into a stripy cookie. We made many different shapes and added some M&M’s as well. But the real difference between these cookies and the ones that we made on Monday and Tuesday, is that those ones were made with eggs and the ones that we made today, were made with chia seeds. Our friend Dev, doesn’t eggs so instead of using eggs, we used the chia seeds mixed with water. We are sure that they taste just as good as the ones that we made with eggs.

Today we also started packing our cookies into jars, which are our gifts. We counted ten cookies for each jar however later in the day, our teachers saw that their were so many cookies, we could have added more. Once we have filled all of them, we will make sure that they are filled to the top with cookies. Yummmmm!


Today seemed like a cookie making day and a cookie eating day. Meg’s grandma, Granny B, came to our class to tell us a story and to give us some special Swedish cookies, that she had made at home, with Meg. The cookies were in the shape of stars and hearts and are called “Pepparkakor”. We ate them after lunch. Granny B ended up reading two stories for us. The one was called “Wilfred Gordon MacDonald Partridge”. Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge lives next door to a nursing home. When he finds out that his special friend, Nancy Alison Delacourt Cooper is losing her memory he sets out to find what a memory is. The second story was called “Pete the cat saves Christmas”. Santa was sick and everyone was worried that Christmas would be cancelled. What were they going to do? Pete the cat to the rescue. He came along and saved the day!

Thank you so much Granny B for coming to Flowers Class to read to us and share your delicious Swedish cookies with us. We look forward to seeing you at our Winter Holidays party on Friday morning. During the morning we continued working on a 500 piece puzzle which we started late yesterday afternoon. We picked this puzzle out from the ones that we saw in the cupboard as it is shiny and sparkly and there were five princesses with Minnie Mouse in it. There was Snow White, Jasmine, Cinderella, Ariel and Aurora. We loved doing is and watching it emerge from being just pieces, into a picture. We don't want to pack it away. Junto, Yulia, Mirai, Liezel and Shelley did most of the puzzle. We all finished making our microphones and the Yoga cards are done and we are all set for our party. We will practice tomorrow one more time, because we didn't have a chance to do it today.

We unfortunately didn't have time to do  Taiyo’s Show and Tell today, so we have kept it and will do it tomorrow. Thank you Taiyo for waiting until tomorrow.

We had a lovely time in the park today even though the air was still quite cool. When you were in the sun, it was so warm but in the shade, it was quite cold. We loved having a longer time to play outside today and we spent some time on the bars, hanging upside down and even Kai and Hisami showed us how they can hang upside down on the monkey bars. We can’t believe how agile our teachers are and maybe one day, Shelley and Liezel will also hang upside down on the monkey bars.

Some of us did something for the first time in the park. We climbed the vine that is twisted around the poles where the    wisteria flowers bloom in summer. We were in awe of our friends who could climb quite high and were keen to try it out. A few of us were able to actually climb it and some of us tried hard. We persevered however we found it quite difficult. We will try again tomorrow. Shelley told us that we need to be able to use both our arms and legs to climb as well as our tummy muscles. Phew! You can see we lined up and were encouraging our friends when they were climbing. You can see from the photos, how much fun we had outside today.

Thanks for another wonderful day in Flowers Class. See you tomorrow!

Hugs and Kisses,

All of the Flowers Class children,




Ohana International School