Deck the halls with some sunshine

December 7th, 2017

Dear Parents,

We are trying to keep calm, but are so excited because its Winter Party tomorrow. Yeahhh!! We did lots of preparation for it and practiced the dance sequence again. We had a big discussion around the sequence of events tomorrow. Our teachers believe that when we know the time line of events and know what to expect, we are more than likely to keep our calm when we have a ‘not so regular’ day tomorrow.

It was such a beautiful day with clear blue skies and golden sunshine and a perfect opportunity for us to picnic at the park. We carried our drinks and snacks to the park and sat on picnic mats. What fun it is to sit under the sun in the cold weather. We ate and then we ran and chased our friends and teachers. Pooja learnt a new Japanese word ‘oishi’, which means ‘delicious’ and she chased us saying ‘oishi oishi’ and we ran away from her.

Our class looked different today and we noticed it as soon as we came to class. G commented, “Why we have the tables together?” and T said, “I like it”. We have changed the layout of our classroom, keeping in mind the party tomorrow, when we will have many more adults in the classroom.

Pernille read to us another classic tale ‘The Elves and the shoemaker’. It was a story about a struggling shoemaker and his wife who don't know how they'll survive, until they wake one morning to find a beautifully crafted pair of shoes. Morning after morning, they find more and more shoes made. The shoemaker and his wife want to find out who is doing all this work, so they can properly give their thanks. When they discover the hardworking elves, they know just how to thank them by gifting them a pair of shoes and good clothes. It was such a beautiful story about hard work, hope, and the kindness of strangers. T and L commented that we can be elves too. They are so right. We can all be kind and helpful and be elves. They wore the elves’ hat and resolved to help their friends when they need assistance.


We decorated a few more paper ornaments to hang in our classroom, and even different shaped presents to paste under the tree. After that we wrapped a few tissue boxes with newspaper and cello tape. Then our teachers attached ribbon to it. It looked like real presents. We placed it under our Christmas tree.


Today was also A’s Show and Tell and initially, she was a bit hesitant to share her adventures with Spotty. It was a different experience for her to sit on the chair and talk in front of the whole class. Later, she warmed up and said “I had fun with Spotty. I ate Idli (Indian dish) with Spotty. He slept under the chair. Spotty made a mess. Dirty mess”. Ava also confessed that she tried to take Spotty to the toilet to do ‘poo poo’ but he didn’t do it. Then she said that her favorite thing to do with Spotty was to go to the park. Ava said that she had fun playing with Spotty in the park with lots of leaves and also met Logan there. Today, Antoine is the lucky one to take Spotty home!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the party tomorrow!



All of us in Petals Class

Ohana International School