Happy birthday, friends!


          Our teachers were preparing something on our walls and ceiling. It could be Christmas decorations and whatnot but they all looked nice there as they were displayed in our classroom. As we started our morning jobs, we hugged our teachers and gave them the warmest smile on this cold weather. We then went to the play area and started making our own “Christmas bracelet”. We did this activity with using pipe cleaners and some beads on the tray. We threaded them slowly but surely. At first, our teachers showed us how to do them and then we all copied and did the activity on our own. Some of our friends already knew how to do these skills.

            We then went to the other side of the classroom and found some big LEGO blocks and we all built our own houses and we’re very focused in stacking all of them until it got so high that we couldn’t even reach it. On our art table, we also found Christmas cards that we made last time. Now, we put our faces and special snowmen hats on them. It was really adorable to see our faces on the cards. We’re very excited to have when we’ll have our Winter Holiday party.

            Three parents came to our class and celebrated Harriet’s and Leon’s birthdays. At first, we gave them our birthday presents and they were the cards and medals. As we gave them our presents, we also gave them our big hugs. We just enjoy spreading the love in our classroom. We also sang our favorite songs and danced with our birthday celebrants. Our parents came to our class full of treats. We had strawberries dipped in chocolate and cupcakes with nice frosting on top. We sang the happy birthday song and snapped some photos of them as we gladly celebrated their amazing day today in Buds.

            After snacks, we all sat down and sang our thank you song. We translated it into two languages like Japanese (arigatou gozaimasu) and in Aafrikans (baie dankie). It was really nice to hear how to say thank you in many ways and we just loved it.

            We said goodbye to our parents and thank them endlessly. We then went to the park and enjoy the rest of the day there. Thank you so much Ohana and have a lovely day. See you all tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the loving children from Buds class 2017-2018

Ohana International School