The Magic of December

December 4th, 2017

Dear Parents,

Do you believe in the magic of December? We certainly do, and we hope you all have had a Magical, Marvelous and Magnificent Monday so far. We smelled Christmas as we came to class today. Wondering what that means? We smelled something like a gingerbread man cookie. G commented, “I smell cookies”. Our teachers smiled since it was gingerbread smell but there were no cookies. Instead, we made gingerbread slime with gold glitter, ginger powder, cinnamon and nutmeg. It was an amazing sensory experience with slimiest slime ever and the most wonderful winter smell.



We were sad to know that Pauline was unwell and would not be coming to school. However, we were very happy to have Shelley with us in class today. We loved playing, listening to stories and singing with her. Thank you, Shelley!

We had our gymnastics class with Miyashita sensei and it was so much fun. Our main focus today was to develop balance and we did that by doing balance exercises like airplane and table exercises and even balancing on the cushion on one feet. Then we jumped over the rope and even went under the rope like a crocodile. At the end we played a Sumo game in which we pretended that Miyashita sensei was a wrestler. He held a big green mat which we had to push down to win. We all worked together to push him and voila we were successful in pushing him down, which made us the winners. Yeahhhh!!


L did his Show and Tell with Spotty and he kept saying, “its mine”. Most of our friends get very attached to Spotty and find it hard to part. However, we feel that it’s the only way to learn and share. L said, “I sleep with Spotty. I go to park with Spotty. I give candy to Spotty. Its mine”. Although its difficult to part with a toy we love, we are learning to take turns and even though it makes us sad sometimes, we are happy to have our friend take turns to take it home. Next, its A’s turn and her happiness knew no bounds as her name was announced. She jumped in joy and clapped her hands.

We played with Guffy monster after a long time and Erina remembered that he likes to eat ‘letters’. We fed him many letters including s,a,t,i and p. Later in the day, on our way back from the park, we even sang our Jolly phonics song.

It was a beautiful day to play in the park today with clear blue sky and sunshine. We enjoyed the slides, swings and sand play. L and A used sand to make ‘Disneyland’. E found a big stick and drew monsters on the sand.

Other things we enjoyed doing today were large floor puzzle, shark craft, Christmas sensory tub play and reading a very fun book by Ross Burach called ‘There’s a giraffe in my soup’. This book was donated to us by Emilie on her third birthday. It was a very entertaining book about a little boy who sends back bowl after bowl of soup in a restaurant after finding a different zoo animal hiding in each one. It was very entertaining as the animals in the soup got sillier and the waiter grew increasingly flustered while he tries to keep his restaurant in order.

4 more days to go for our Winter Party!!! We are so excited!



Little gymnasts in Petals Class

Ohana International School