Spending time with mommy and daddy

         Good morning! It is a beautiful morning! Here we are at the last day of winter school. We are getting ready to say good bye to this wonderful year and welcome an even better year. After greeting our teachers and friends we quickly finished up our morning jobs!

     When our teachers asked us to make a circle  we made our circle with just us and forgot to let the teacher inside. After we got our friends and our teachers together we did a little bit of shaking then sat down. Nimo got his Ukulele and we sang the “good morning” song, undoubtedly one of our favorite songs. For our circle time today Nimo showed us how he and his friends spent Christmas in the USA.  He talked about how Christmas was the day to get together as a family, but the best part is opening the presents from Santa on Christmas morning! Ham, yam, mashed potatoes, gravy, some of the popular foods eaten on that day. We talked about our families too, about our mommies and daddies and siblings. We read a few stories about the winter holiday and being with our family. After that we got up and danced till we couldn’t shake no more.

            We gobbled up our snacks and got ready to head outside. It was a bit chilly, but we had warm coats, add a little bit of running in there and we're nice and toasty inside. After a short while our Petals and Flowers friends joined us at the park. We enjoyed running and playing with all of our Ohana friends. Once our stomachs started growling we knew it was time to head on back to school. We sang all the way back to school then had our lunch and we were napping before you knew it.

            And just like that winter school comes to a close. We had so much fun these past few days and being able to be with our friends everyday we feel like our friendship has grown deeper. We are totally excited to spend this festive season with our family and we will see our teachers next year. Happy Holidays!



The lovely bundles of Love and Joy of Buds 2017


Ohana International School