Monday Funday


       Where are all our friends and teachers today? A few of our friends were missing today and a couple of the teachers as well. Where could they be? Unfortunately, we found out today that a lot of people this time of year gets sick because of the flu so we need to always wash our hands and cover our mouths when we cough. We hope all of our friends and teachers will be well soon cause we missed them today. 

       Last Friday we had an amazing time during the Winter Holidays party. We even were so surprised that Santa knew where the Ohana was and when our party was. He also reminded us of someone we might of seen before... Either way, he was so nice coming all the way from the North Pole we wanted to make a card for him. We added Christmas tree and Santa origami to the card, drew a portrait of him, wrote messages telling him how much we love him and drew a picture of him riding along with his reindeer friends. Hopefully, he will receive the card and leave it at work so he can think of us everyday. Santa was not the only thing that happen last Friday. “Some of our favorite things” from Friday were the cookies, biscuits, watching the movie, singing, Christmas yoga, the candle song and loving that mom and dad came.

       With the semester coming to an end we had our 2nd to last show and tell today. R showed us beautiful pictures of autumn colored leaves in Yamanachi. She went with mom and grandma and she even picked some real leaves and taped it on the back. Risako said “The leaves were orange, pink and red but they’re brown now.” We had no idea that the autumn leaves could be pink.

     Today Miyashita sensei startled us because he said it’s the LAST gym class on the year! We were so shocked that we wanted to take a picture with him, but luckily he said he will return in January and it was just the last lesson for this semester. Whoosh. However, some of our friends will be leaving Ohana this week and they wanted a picture with Miyashita sensei. We really had lots of exercise today. He started by teaching us some of the Japanese names of the warm up moves that we do every time. “Kusshin” is when we touch our knees and bend down and then back up. “Shinkyaku” is when we do crossack squats. “zenkoukutsu” is when we do a forward and backward bend. After the warm-up we walked around the mat, ran, kan-pa, kan-kan-pa, crocodile crawl and spider walked around the room. Then we threw the ball over the pretend river with both hands then only with one hand. We tried our hardest not to get it in the river because if we do it would be lost. It’s always fun to have gymnastics on a Monday and we look forward to next year when Miyashita sensei will be back.

     It’s always nice to calm down after the energetic gymnastics class. We meditated with Hisami for 1 minute and did more Christmas yoga cause we couldn’t get enough. This time one of our friends picked the pose that he/she wanted to do and taught us how to do it. While the yoga lesson was going on some of us went up stairs to the garden with Kai. We trimmed the dead plants and watered it since it was so sunny over the weekend and nobody was here to take care of them. It was fun to take responsibility and it made us want a garden of our own at home! What a way to end another marvelous Monday. We wish all our friends and teachers will so they can come back to play with us as soon as possible.


Stay healthy,

With love from all the Flowers Class children.





Ohana International School