Maryna the Ballerina


Good morning everyone! Although the sky was cloudy our smiles brought all the sunshine we needed in the classroom! After greeting our teachers and friends we took care of our morning jobs like usual. At this point we all know what to do and we don’t need our teachers help anymore to complete our tasks. On our activity table we had some Montessori toys we played alongside John. Our art table had white paint for painting our original snowmen and snowflakes. We also enjoyed having breakfast with our friends in the kitchen area.

Our teachers told us we were having a special guest coming to Buds today so we all cleaned up our toys and waited patiently for our guest to arrive. Our special guest today was Maryna, and she was dressed up in her special ballerina outfit! Maryna came to Buds today to teach us Ballet! We started with some warm-ups and stretches and we all danced together! John went around the classroom taking pictures of us with his super camera. We danced the Baby Shark, the Chicken Dance, Snowflake, and many many more. After a lot of dancing we all washed our hands and had our snacks.

Although we danced all morning we were still overflowing with energy! The weather looked a little bit iffy, but we still decided to head on over to the park and play. We put on our coats and smocks and we were headed outside. When we arrived at the park Flowers and Petals joined us at the park, our big friends were all very kind to us and we all played together! Luckily for us the weather held until it was time for us to go back and then it started to rain a little. After arriving back at school we had a quick story time then had lunch! We moved around so much today we ate lots and napped lots!

We had another fantastic day at Buds! It was a great treat to have Maryna stop by and teach us ballet, hopefully she can come by again and teach us some more! The weather forecast says its going to get colder starting from today so stay warm everyone! We will see you all tomorrow! Have a great night!

The little ballerinas of Buds Class 2018

Ohana International School