Santa's Workshop ....... Elf Wanted

November 29th, 2017

Dear Parents,


Our days are now full of singing, dancing, learning, exploring and merry making in the festive cheer. We can’t believe it’s almost December. How fast the days by! We are beginning to decorate our classroom for the Winter Party and have a new Santa’s workshop corner now. Our teachers briefed us that they are looking for little elves to work as Santa’s helpers and thankfully pointy ears and curly toes are not a requirement. As elves, our responsibility would be to build toys, wrap presents, make Christmas cards for our family or friends, help our teachers and friends and write letters to Santa. It sounded like a cool job and most of us volunteered to be elves. However, only two of us were chosen today and we dressed up in our characters complete with Santa’s red hat. Our job today was to help our friends and teachers and we did that really well.


Maryna came to Petals and we were so happy to practice our moves with her. We decided to have a spot each for our dance performance and our teachers will mark it for us with masking tape. We sometimes get distracted when we dance and want to hold our friends’ hand or move around and do our own grooves and that’s super fun. But when we think of our parents who will come to watch us dance, we feel it’s a good idea to be synchronized and do the choreographed dance. Sometimes we do need reminders though and sometimes a little bribe (oops!!) about the surprise at the end of the performance.

We also celebrated the birthday of 3 princesses in our school – Princess Pernille, Princess Hisami and Princess Kiki. We thought they looked like real princess with their birthday crown/ tiara on. Pernille’s birthday was earlier in the month and Hisami and Kiki’s birthday is later in December but we celebrated the November and December teachers’ birthday together today. Buds Class and our class all went to Flowers Class and we all celebrated their birthday together by singing many songs. We gave them their birthday crown/ tiara and their special card gift which they loved. Then we sang to ask them – how old are you now? We were so surprised to know that it was Hisami’s big birthday this year -she is turning 40. Pernille is 29 now and Kiki said that she will be ‘23’. We are not sure if that’s correct though and think that may be Kiki is just joking. We wished them Happy Birthday in Japanese and English, and with the look on their face, we would tell that they really enjoyed their party. We wish for them love, happiness and good health always.

We enjoyed building with Lego blocks and made tall towers. Some of us placed small world people inside the tower and pretended that they were trapped inside. Many of us enjoyed the fine motor activity in the sensorial tub and used tweezer to place the pompom balls in the color coordinated cup. We also solved many puzzles from the Montessori animals puzzle sequence. After a long time, the slime was out, and we enjoyed playing with it. But the slime is not so slimy any more and we guess its time to make a new one – a Christmasy one! Pauline helped us to make our Festive gifts and we also worked with Sayaka to make snowflakes. We can’t wait to hang up our beautiful craftwork as festive decorations in the classroom.

Enjoy the rest of your day!




Little Elves in Petals Class

Ohana International School