Festive Monday


      We were feeling festive today so we decided to decorate our holiday tree! We used red, green, gold and silver ribbons to put on the tree. G had an idea last week to use the packaging popcorn for snow and Y also cut out an origami star to put on top of the tree. I wonder what else we can put on the tree? On the carpet we continued to play with fabric. We made a bridge from the brown carpet to the green carpet then played a game of “London bridge is falling down”. It was fun to use our imagination to play with items we can find around the school and not always playing with toys.

     During circle time Hisami thought of a great idea to use the acorn that we collected last week. We used it to spell out the first letter of our name in the slime. Sometimes, the slime would pop the acorn out and we all thought it was hilarious. Everyone that had the chance to go were able to spell the letter beautifully. We didn’t all have a turn but that’s ok because we can play with it in the afternoon. 

     Oh and we almost forgot! Today is Monday which means… You guessed it. Miyashita sensei day! Last week we learned how to do backward rolls and we got even better this week with more practice. We rolled over the mat and hopped around the chair but that was just the warm up. The hard part was trying to do a backwards roll and then stand straight up without touching our knees to the mat. Lucky we have wonderful teachers to help us with this exercise. Todays game was hard as well we needed to focus and listen to Miyashita sensei to see if he said “oni (ogar), obaki (ghost) or okashi (snack/sweets)”. We jumped towards him saying /a/,/i/,/u/,/e/… then waited for Miyashita sensei to say one of the /o/ words. If he said okashi then we can pretend to eat and if he said anything else then we had to run back cause the monsters were coming. We were so excited and had so much fun.

After gym class we had a little yoga session with Hisami to calm ourselves down. We learn a new pose called “table”


“With soles and palms on the floor

My calves and arms are legs

Off of the ground I press my seat

So you can place a vase.”



     We are also very proud of ourselves because we can do one of the hardest poses for us! We were all able to keep still and be silent during the “do nothing doll” pose for what seemed like eternity but it was only about 3 mins. We think we can improve more and stay still for even longer next time! I hope you all had a wonderful Monday just like we did.



Flowers Class


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