Good morning everyone! We had a warm sunny day yesterday and today we have the opposite, a rainy cold morning. What a big switch, but we all still had a great day indoors! We started out rainy day by doing our morning jobs first. After we get our responsibilities taken care of we get to start playing! On our activity table we had counting bears to work on our color recognition and categorization. We also had connecting blocks on the activity table to fuel our imagination and develop our fine motor skills. On the art table we had Kiki help us make our very own jack-o-lanterns! We started by choosing our pumpkin’s color, after we got our pumpkin ready we got to freely choose jack-o-lantern parts with various colors and we crafted our very own original Halloween pumpkins! Out on the carpet area we had the wooden train toys. We built our own rails and ran our trains on them.

            We all worked together to clean up all the toys and tools we used and we got into a big circle to start our Buds class concert. We had our teachers play their instruments and we got our special wrist ribbons and we danced to the music. We all love dancing, playing and listening to music. It was great having Kiki make up dance moves on the go for our music today! We all tried so hard to copy her intricate dance moves.

            Due to the rainy weather outside we decided to stay inside today too. We danced and danced and danced until snack time. We had our snacks and we had our story time with the teachers. We had John and Kiki read us a few books, after our story time we began our second free-play time. We played with the cars and the kitchen toys. We played freely for about 30 minutes then we cleaned up and started John’s Boot Camp. We first got warmed up by danced to some animals songs and then John began his workout routine and we tried our best to keep up! By the time we were finished we were all completely burned out from all the jumping and running we did today.

            Being able to go outside to the park is always great, but being able to stay in class and do various kinds of play indoor is also fun. We would like some sunshine for tomorrow so we can go digging for potatoes! If it end up being rainy tomorrow we will go to the Train Museum, which also sounds like a ton-o-fun! We are really excited for our field trip tomorrow!


The exuberant pumpkin crafters of Buds Class 2018

Ohana International School