Choo- Choo! We're Off to the Train Museum!


          Choo– choo! It was a rainy morning, so it meant it was going to be a trip to the train museum!

          It was great seeing everybody in front of the Tomin Bank, in their rainboots and umbrellas– the rain won’t just stop pouring! We all settled in our own buses, and off we went almost an hour– long ride towards our destination.

When we got there, there were children from other schools, too. We were wondering if we would all fit inside. Shelley then announced that once we got in, we would have the museum all to ourselves– we could go off anywhere we want to with our mom/dad/ grandma/ babysitter.

So we got in, and we got really excited– there was so much to do! We heard some of the teachers wonder where the restaurant was (What??? They were hungry ALREADY? Haha!), and there were some friends who wandered off to where the train exhibitions were. It was beautiful– we saw how Japanese trains evolved over time. There were some mannequins in the train, though, that looked a bit scary– I guess we can say it’s just in time for Halloween?

We had friends who went to the kids’ plaza– there was a large area with green cushions that we can use to build something with, or just jump on them. Most of them preferred the latter– it was so fun! There was also an area where we can build our own train tracks– that was really fun, too.

There was also a simulator hall, where we can test out how good we are as a train driver. Be careful not to go too fast, though!

          Speaking of testing your driving skills, we can also do that in the park zone outside, where they had a miniature driving train. Here, we can really operate it on our own, going on our own speed. There’s one word for it– FUN!

On the second floor, we saw a massive diorama– there were a LOT of model trains moving around in perfect harmony around a miniature Japan– it was so interesting to watch. There were also some galleries up there, too.

When we were tired from going around, it signaled lunch time. Some of us lunched with our friends, and some of us with our teachers. All in all, it was a fun day. We wonder, where can our next field trip be?



All the children in Flowers Class.


Ohana International School