Miyashita Monday and Welcome Ankita!


Rain, rain, go away…come again another day! Little Buds love to play…rain, rain, go away!

            It’s another beautiful day and we’re excited to see our friends and teachers again. In our classroom, we’ve got lots of amazing things that we could do and we’re able to explore new natural materials on our display shelf. There’s another amazing moment that we had today and this was to meet our new teacher, Ankita – we can call her “Kiki”. She’s full of energy and loves being with us. She read some stories and we enjoyed listening to her.

               We also have many activities on our table. We had the puzzles and some stacking materials. These really helped us with our fine motor and cognitive skills. The sensory tables were open too and we just dug in and explored what we could do with the natural materials. The puzzles were very popular too because we were able to match and categorize various colors and drawings. It’s always fun playing with our teachers and friends. We also had our small pumpkins that Shelley bought for us yesterday. They were tiny versions of pumpkin and they came in different colors. Our teachers asked us what we could see inside…we replied many things but one funny thing that our friend said was “You can see the toilet”.

               The kitchen area was very busy too, our teachers were so helpful because we wanted to cook and bake stuff in the play area. Miyashita-sensei came to our classroom and we greeted him with our big smile. We started our warm-up exercises and stretched our bodies so that we can be ready for our tasks. The first task was to throw the ball and we had to run and catch it. We did this individually. Next, we played the “hot” ball game. We pretended that the ball was on fire and had to run away from it.  We did this several times until it was time to say goodbye.

              After our gym class, we sang our good morning songs and listened to more stories from our teachers. We played with Spot our friend and together with Peter the Porcupine. We were pretending that the spikes on the porcupine were prickly but it was really soft and ticklish. We played the hide-and-seek game again with our friend Spot and every time he ran away, we still could find him and put him back to where he needed to be. We also remembered that when we’re inside the classroom, we have to use our walking feet instead of our running feet. Our teachers reminded us and also our friends that we have to observe how we play in the classroom.

            We didn’t go to the park today but we hope that next time, even though it’s raining we can still go out as long as we have our raincoats on. Thank you so much Ohana for another beautiful day. See you all again tomorrow for our taiko lesson.

Lots of love,

All the curious explorers from Buds class 2017-2018

Ohana International School