Shades of You, Me, and the Remaining Days of Summer

Dear Mom and Dad,

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        The weather forecast says the temperature will start to go down tomorrow, so today, we enjoyed the beautiful, sunny weather.

          Dr. Kai was IN for today! He had a nice yellow- and – pink stethoscope on, and he took our height and weight. Some of us were a bit nervous; we thought there was an “injection” involved…. (Ouch!)

        Some of us were interested in finishing the puzzles with Liezel; we turned the pieces on their backs so we can see the numbers; we wanted to complete them that way. We were always confirming with Liezel the numbers we saw, and what number goes next. We had big numbers like 32 and 61.

        Speaking of numbers, Dr. Kai also tested us with our number know- how. Bigger numbers were coming easier to us now, but those in the -teens still had some of us confused.

        We had a special guest come in today- it was Miles’ savta! Savta means grandmother in Hebrew. No one was more surprised than Miles! He kept looking at the door, watching who would come in. Little did he know that savta was just behind him! What a sweet little hug he gave when he saw her.

        Savta read a book called “Shades of People”. It was really interesting, and it showed how different people are, and that they come in shades of rose, golden, creamy or fair, coffee, or dark. We really liked comparing the different faces in the book, to the different faces we see in the classroom. We all look so beautiful, don’t you think? Just like the different colors that make up one beautiful rainbow.

        We discussed more about the book with Shelley; when Pauline read over the lines again about shades or rose or pink. Shelley asked us what do we think makes our face turn red? We answered with running. “What happens to our body’s temperature when we run?” Shelley asked. “It gets hot!” we answered immediately. “Can you feel your heart after running?” Pauline asked. We said yes, and that our heart beats fast. So, all of these makes our face turn red!

        We went to the park after snack time, where we had our show and tell. Hisami presented today’s show-er and tell-er, Griffin! He brought over some pictures taken from their vacation in the U.S. The first picture was of him and his brother Wes, and they were on a boat, waiting for dolphins. The next picture was of the dolphins with their fins peeking out of the water. The last one was of a cormorant bird. We asked him a bunch of questions after, and Griffin happily explained to us that his grandfather loved taking pictures on the trip. He said that he also took some pictures, and it was he who took one of the cormorant bird.

        We played afterwards, and we were Kai that taught us a new kind of freeze tag; instead of “unfreezing” when the “it” tags you, you have to crawl in between the it’s legs instead! That made up for a very funny game, and we enjoyed chasing each other in the green area.

        We enjoyed the last remnants of summer today; how was your Thursday?



All the children in Flowers Class.


Ohana International School