A dog's visit


           Good morning everyone! As we finished our morning jobs, we made our house of shapes again and played with our finger puppets. Chiaki was so kind to help and we enjoyed sticking and learning the different shapes we had on our table. Then, on our carpet area, we had our wooden blocks and we all had fun doing our own versions of Tokyo tower. We also had the piano open and our friends were pressing the keys away like a real pianist. John was helping us to be able to get the right tune but of course, it really takes time to be able to get used to that skill.

               After our free play time, Ana Paula (Olivia’s mom) and Petra (Olivia’s pet) came to our class. At first, we were observing her how she moved around the classroom. Ana Paula introduced what kind of breed she is and how old she is. She is a miniature schnauzer and she’s four years old. Our teachers told us that she’s bigger than us but one of friends said that he’s bigger than her. He’s still two but he thinks that two is bigger than 4. Yes, he is indeed bigger physically. We always have a different opinion about ourselves and things around us. We also learned that Petra’s name came from the Greek word “Petra” and it means gray – just like her skin color. She also loves to sleep eighteen hours a day and she loves to eat treats. She also goes to the trimming shop once every two months. She can also do some tricks like bowing down, shaking hands and rolling over. She’s really clever. We also noticed that she never barks. Ana Paula said that she only barks when she feels something different going on with her surroundings but all in all, she’s very calm and quiet. It was nice meeting you, Petra. We will see you every day and hope to play with you at the park someday.

                 We went to the park and there, we had some plants to put in the soil. John and the teachers from other classes did the digging while all the bigger children were helping out to plant. After that, the Ohana garden at Step Park is now full of young flower once again. We went back to school and read a little story about Spot and “What makes a rainbow?” We just loved listening to them. Spot (the soft toy) was here again to play with us. He made us giggle all the time and we hope that he can visit us every day. Thank you so much Ohana for another beautiful day. See you all again tomorrow.

 Lots of love,

All the caring children from Buds class 2017-2018

Ohana International School