Airplanes and Cooking


Dear Flowers Class mommies and daddies,

We had a very productive morning today with a big cardboard airplane on the table ready for us to decorate. We started off by using some big colored markers and then used some colored tape. Darren showed us how to stretch the tape out and use the scissors to cut longer pieces to stick on the airplane.


After decorating the airplane we moved it to the free play area to spend some time sitting inside it with our friends. Next to the big airplane we worked with Pooja to make some new playdough for Flowers Class. First we measured and poured out the flour into a bowl and then mixed in the water, the oil, the cream of tartar and salt. We decided to make some blue playdough today and once we had mixed in all the ingredients we added the food coloring. Pooja then cooked the playdough and we are looking forward to using it tomorrow morning.


In the free play area the cardboard train, car and other boxes were again popular with many of us. We saw a game with red and black counters and an upright grid which is called ‘Connect 4’. Several of us enjoyed learning how to play this game and get the 4 counters in a row horizontally, vertically and diagonally.


After packing away the toys we had our short circle time and sang our ‘good morning’ song to learn our friend’s names and then counted how many children and teachers we had. We had a total of 13 children and 3 teachers with 8 boys and 5 girls today. We had our yummy snacks and then headed for the park. It was a bit warmer today and we enjoyed using the big slide and enjoyed seeing the wonderful flowers we planted yesterday. In circle time today we reviewed all the 12 months of the year and discussed how in Japan the year ends in December and a new year starts in January. We looked at all the beautiful shuji (Calligraphy) we had done and the hagoita bats we had decorated with pictures of roosters.


We learnt that in other countries such as China each year has an animal. Looking at our year of birth we could see that most of us were born in the years of the dragon, the rabbit or the snake. We then tried the hagoita bats with the call and feathers and it was fun but a little difficult to control. 


We the received a special gold and red envelope each from the teachers with a coin inside. It was fun having a big group photo with our friends showing the beautiful envelopes!

See you all tomorrow, have a great afternoon”!

Darren, Pooja, Pauline and all the children in Flowers Class

Ohana International School