Happy birthday to our dear friend!

Good morning everybody! The weather was so nice today and the temperature is still cold. Luckily, we were covered warm enough to come to school. We greeted our friends and teachers with a big smile and we’re very confident to be able to do our morning jobs with little help from our teachers. Today, we did the marbling activity again because some of our friends were not able to finish it yet. We did the same procedure but used less paint this time. We just had blue and beige. It was a very interesting color combination and we enjoyed working together with our friends.

            On the other table, there were stacking blocks and some Mario Kart toy figurines. We were able to put the stack the blocks on the puzzle board and moved around the Mario Kart around the table. In our carpet area, we saw the Noah’s ark and animal figurines. Next, we got some costumes from our dress-up corner and we showed them to our teachers. One of our friends really liked to wear the princess costume and she couldn’t stop looking at herself in the mirror. Lastly, we’re also very engaged in playing with our kitchen utensils and our teachers were always there to help us out in our pretend cooking. How we love imaginative play so much.

            Today was one of our friends birthday celebration. It was actually on the 8th but we have scheduled it in Buds class too. We feel that it’s important to have these types of celebration because we always want to make our friends happy. To start off with the celebration, we sang our morning songs and danced with everyone. Her parents came and they willingly danced and sang with us too. It was so lovely to have them and we’re glad that they’re enjoying every bit of it. We gave our friend a special birthday chair and gave her some presents. We got her a birthday medal and the card. Of course, we sang a happy birthday song and Skidamarink just for her. Hugs and kisses were all over our classroom because we love her so much. We’ve received wonderful treats from our friend's parents. There were some fruits and pancakes. Thank you so much for the yummy food! Lastly, we played the “Stick-the-face-parts” game. The game was about putting the nose, eyes, ears and mouth on the illustrated face while we were blindfolded. As the game finished, we just realized that we’ve made such crazy faces!

We just went to the balcony just to get some fresh air. It was an amazing day again in Buds class. Thank you so much and see you tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the fantabulous children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School