The Rainbow Dog

Good morning everyone! It was a gloomy weather but we couldn’t hide our excitement to see our friends and teachers today. We did our morning jobs and we were able to do them with a little help from our teachers. We also enjoyed exploring our classroom and we chose to put the cars and trucks out for morning free-play.

On one table, we did our shuji painting with Sayaka. She told us that we had to write “tori” which means bird in English. Of course, our writing skills were not fully developed so this one was a guided activity. We also enjoyed our time dipping our paint brush in the ink and started working on our painting. Thank you, Sayaka for being so patient with us.

We also saw some Montessori equipments. We got some bars with slot-in cylinder shapes. It was a challenging activity but we’re able to do it with our friends. We were also very busy with our friends. In our carpet area, the cars and trucks were there too and we just had a great time sharing the small matchbox cars with our friends. Some of us got some head dresses and we even gave them to our teachers. They put on the Mini-Mouse and the three-eyed alien head dresses.

            The baby stuffed toys were quite popular too because we just loved singing and putting them to sleep. After clean up time, we did a singing session today. Nimo was there to do the violin playing again and most of our friends were quite curious how he plays. We sang our favorite songs and danced to his fiddle.

Sayaka was there to read a book for us. She put out “We’re going on a bear hunt”. It was really nice because we also had to sing with our teachers too. After that, Chiaki did a wonderful circle time about the farm animals. She read the “I Spy the Little Farm”. We saw the hen, cow, horse and many more. Then, she sang the “Five Little Ducks” and showed us felt paper cut-out of a dog. We then put colorful spots on him until we could call him the “rainbow” dog. Thank you, Chiaki for the fun circle time.

We didn’t go to the park but it was still nice to play inside the classroom. Hence, we had the extended free play today and it was so much fun to spend it with everyone. Thank you so much Ohana and have a wonderful day!

Lots of love,

All the jolly children in Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School