Sound the Alarm!

       Like always, what a great day today! Remember yesterday when we watched the really cool firefighters do their drill? Well, we kind of did the same today, but, of course, first things first, right?    

        So, of course we did our morning jobs. Then, we showed how amazing we are at completing puzzles, as Liezel encouraged and cheered for us along the way. On the other table, we did a special card for our friend who we haven’t seen in a long time, since the Winter holidays. We told her we miss her a lot, and that we hope she’s doing great. We can’t wait to catch up with her when she comes back to school!    

        Trains were a big hit on the carpet, and some of our friends used them to practice our numbers and counting. They lined up the trains together and counted “1…2…3…4…” up until 10.    

        We changed the things on our calendar after free play time, then sang along with Pauline’s ukulele. It was then when we heard a shrill whistle- oh! We were startled at first, then the teachers called out, “Fire!” Time for our fire drill!    

        We covered our nose and mouth and headed out as quick and carefully as we can. We gathered downstairs, and our teacher put on their yellow helmets, then helped us out with our silver, pointy ones. We then crossed the street, towards the temple. Shelley told us we did such a good job. Hooray! It’s really great to be ever- ready for emergencies.   

        Back in the room, Hisami explained to us how important it is to keep our silver emergency hats on, whenever there’s an emergency. It will keep us safe from things that may fall and hurt our heads. We then gave ourselves a good pat in the back, for a job well done in today’s drill. We were just like the firefighters doing their drill yesterday, so that makes us a cool and awesome as them, don’t you think so? *Wink*    

        We also talked about the wooden paddles that we decorated yesterday, our hagoita! Hisami and Pauline did a demo on how it was played, which was a bit similar to playing badminton. They had to hit the hane (shuttlecock) to each other using the paddle. We got good laughs as Hisami and Pauline made funny faces while they struggled to keep it from falling to the ground, hee-hee. I hope next time we can get to try it, too.

        So, that’s all in a day’s work, in the life of Ohana’s mini- firefighters. Until then, stay tuned for more of our adventures. Today, we may be fighting fire; tomorrow, who knows, we might be conquering outer space, or wrestling with deep- sea monsters…………


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