Australia and Rockets

Dear Flowers Class mommies and daddies,

We had a fun day today with our friends and welcomed back several of our friends from Petals Class who have been away. We spent most of our free play time in the carpet and library area with imaginative dress up play and manipulative toys. Many of us today dressed up like pirates with our friends and were wearing eye patches and using the toy telescopes in class. One of our favorites today was the red plastic and wooden construction set. It uses plastic nuts and bolts as well as wooden pieces to make airplanes, a helicopter, a motorcycle etc. On the main table many of us completed our Japanese New Year calligraphy. It was fun practicing with water first and then using the ink with the big brushes on the washi paper. Darren added the bamboo at the top and hung them up to dry. They will go on display next week so please come and have a look.  On the second table we again added some more tiny beads to the bottle cap mural using the silicon glue. It will take us a little while but we hope to complete it soon.  After clearing away the toys and having our snack we went to the park together and had a nice time playing in the sunshine. In circle time we saw that two of our friends had brought something special to show and give us. One of our friends had brought two books to present to our friends all about ‘Space’. The books were very colorful and had lots of fun pictures in them of all the different planets, rockets, moons and even something called black holes. Thank you to our friend. The other of our friends had brought a gift for all of us back from Australia. He told us how he had just recently returned and had brought some small Koala clips holding the Australian flags in their paws. He was very excited to give out his gifts and all of his friends said “Thank You” to him for such a special gift.

“See you all next week, have a great weekend”!

Darren, Pooja, Pauline and all the children in Flowers Class

Ohana International School