The Farm Animals

Good morning friends! It was a nice day again and we’re ready to have another wonderful learning experience in Buds class. We greeted our friends and teachers with a warm smile and a big good morning. We always wanted to make everyone feel welcomed and loved in our classroom. When we were doing our morning jobs, some of our new friends still needed help to put away their stuff but our teachers were always here to help them out.

Today, we continued our process art for our rooster. This time, we put some glue and feathers on the long paper. We also sang the song, “Let’s put on the glue and spread it all over the paper”. We kept on moving our spatula so that we could put the glue on our paper. It was a good opportunity in practicing our fine motor skills. On the other table, there were some Mr. Potato head parts. We did our best to use our imagination in attaching the face parts on him. We had the mouth, nose, arms, eyes and many more.

In our carpet area, there were some animal toys from Noah’s ark and our teachers were there to help us in lining them up on top of the ark. One of our friends actually got on the ark and pretended that it was a small boat for him. Our teachers helped us to push the boat around the classroom to make imaginative experience more interesting.

During circle time, we talked about the farm animals and there we saw the pig, cow, goat, dog and the horse. While learning about these animals, we sang Old McDonald had a farm and actually made the animal sounds together. We also read the farm animal book and most of us were very interested hearing the story. We loved how to our teachers pretended to be like animals as well.

Lastly Sayaka told a story about the Hungry Gorilla who ate the whole banana, onion and apple. He realized that he ate the whole thing without peeling off the skin. His tummy got upset and learned that he should never eat the peelings. He went to the supermarket again just to buy the same food and this time he peeled the skin off first before eating it.

We also went to the park today. It was a great practice for all of us. We played with Petals and Flowers class and they were very kind and helpful the whole time. Thank you so much Ohana and see you all again tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the happy children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School