Picnic in the park

Fabulous Friday or Friendly Friday! Well it was a truly fun Friday at school this morning because we changed our schedule and decided to go to the park quite early in the day, have a picnic for our regular snack time and then play there for a while. Our teachers wanted us to play outside before the weather became really hot but actually, even when we went out at 9.15am this morning, it was pretty hot.

 Before we went to the park, we had a short free play time with some activities at the tables. We played with cutting implements and play dough, we used tissue paper and tore it into strips and we cut along lines and made little snips with a pair of scissors.

We always find interesting things to do with play dough and we particularly love to break it into little pieces. We also like to cut it and we had many different types of cutting implements to use this morning. We had plastic knives with thin handles and some with thick handles; we even had one with a metal part which was especially made for children. Because we don’t always have two of the same implement, we sometimes get into conflict with our friends and try to take things from them, that we want to use. Our teachers encourage us to use our words to either ask for the implement or say, “No, you can play with it when I am finished”.

We really enjoyed tearing coloured tissue paper into strips. Our teachers made little tears at the top of each sheet so it was easier for us to tear them. We tore yellow, red, blue, pink and light orange paper. We will decide how we are going to use the strips later. Today’s activities focused on developing our fine motor skills. With the cutting activity, we had shallow dishes with strips of firm paper with lines on them. Our task was to try to make little snips on the paper and cut small squares. Some of us know how to use a pair of scissors and we were able to cut along the lines. We collected our little pieces inside the shallow dishes and we will

do some more next week and then paste them on a piece of paper. We are starting off the year with many of these kinds of activities in order for our teachers to be able to see where we each are, in terms of our skills.

 We changed our calendar and decided that it was both a sunny and cloudy day. When we sat down for our snack picnic, it was all cloudy and then the bright sun came out so strongly. The weather is something that it is so unpredictable and we are aware that every day, we can have many types of weather; so sometimes we may need to add a sign on our daily calendar or even take one of them away. We have all weighed ourselves and measured how tall we are and Hisami wrote the measurements into our workbooks/portfolios. Yurika showed us her book “Touch and Explore” and then Shelley read it to us for story time. Yurika then sat with some of us in the library so we could touch the pages. We returned from the park earlier than usual because we went there earlier than usual. After Yurika showed us her book, we also played with some construction and manipulative toys. We built towers, cars that move and other interesting creations. We also chose our names for the board and spent some time reading in the library. We all chose jobs when we arrived at school this morning, so we all had something extra to do in the classroom.

Thanks for a great week filled with fun, challenges, discovery, laughter and all things which make up a regular week in anyone’s life. Enjoy your weekend!

All the children in Petals Class.

Ohana International School