The Colorful Bells

Good morning everyone! Today was so humid but the rain was still pouring outside. We were happy to arrive at school again and we all greeted our teachers with a big smile on our faces. After doing our morning jobs, we went to our carpet area and saw the cars and special costumes on the floor. We were very excited to see these toys around us. There was a press down ball toy in the middle and we instantly got the colorful balls and put them inside the holes. As they went down, we were waiting for them to come out. We looked so surprised and our teachers were fascinated by our reaction.

            We still did our paper plate guitar because some of our friends were not here yesterday. We chose lots of stickers to put on. There was also a mini keyboard that we played with. We wondered how the sound came out from it and we definitely enjoyed hearing it while our friends were playing with it. We sang two body parts songs like “One Little finger” and “Head, shoulders, knees and toes”. It was nice to stand up and danced around with our friends and teachers. Next, John put out the puppet glove and we saw four people and one animal in the bus. They were the driver, daddy, mommy, baby and doggie. Then, we all sang to the tune of “Wheels on the bus”.

            Due to the heavy rain early in the morning, we didn’t go outside at all. We just stayed in the classroom and did some movement activities with Goh, Sayaka and Chiaki. Later on, we played the color game. The teachers gave us the color dice and we needed to roll it until it stopped. When we picked one, we had to find the right bell that has the same color. For example, the dice showed me orange. Therefore, I have to choose orange for my bell.

            What a fun circle time! It was nice to learn more about matching and identifying colors with everyone. We ate our morning snacks and read some stories with our teachers in the library. Sayaka read a Japanese book too. She translated it to English so that everyone could understand what the book was about. When we finished, we all went to the carpet area again to find colorful stones. We had green, blue, red, orange and yellow stones. After a while, we matched them up and put them away in the container. Our last activity was holding onto the rope. Today was a great practice because most of the time our friends were really trying their best to walk with their grip. Dancing is always part of our class and today, we danced to the Wiggle songs. It was a fun day again. Thank you so much for the wonderful time and see you all again tomorrow!


Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School