Fruit and Vegetable Arcimboldi faces

Today we welcomed 2 new friends to Flowers Class. We are happy to see more friends to play with. A very big ‘Hello’ and ‘Welcome’ to both of you. On the carpet this morning we saw one of our favorite toys; the train sets. There was already a section of track set up for us and we started by adding a few more sections before putting together the trains and carriages. On the main table this morning our new friends made birthday cards for two of our teachers, John and Liezel as well as making a nice snack/placemat. To make the placemats we looked at some fruit and vegetables and then using colored pencils, markers and crayons made a nice picture on the paper. The teachers then took the mats and put them in a machine to cover them with plastic so that we could use them at lunchtime today. The library area was also very popular this morning with many of us moving cushions, soft toys and food items together. When the teachers asked us what we were doing we replied “We are having a meeting”. When the teachers asked us what the meeting was about we said “We are just talking”. We packed away the toys and art materials a little early and our teachers helpers came to feed the very hungry class goldfish. We went to the park with our yummy snacks and water bottles to have a nice picnic on the benches under the shade of the trees. It was still very hot in the park and we made sure we drank lots of water. It was soon time to head back as today we had our first ‘Monday Gym Class’ of the school year with Miyashita Sensei. We started the class by saying our usual ‘Good Morning” in Japanese and then warmed up by jumping, squatting and side stretching. We then tried some balance exercises and including sitting on our bottoms and raising our legs and hands. We then tried the ‘Bridge’ pose and followed Miyashita Sensei’s whistle to walk, run, hop and do star jumps around the exercise mat. We then listened carefully to how many times Miyashita sensei blew the whistle and had to get ourselves into groups of the same number. Our next activity was a little difficult and we needed to jump over our partners legs 5 times with both feet together. For our final activity we did paper, scissors stone to see who would stand and who would hop. If we won we would stand while our friends hopped in a circle around us. We then played a final game a little like ‘What’s the time Mr. Wolf’? but used colors instead. When Miyashita Sensei said colors we moved forwards and when he said “Red” we ran away.If he said a color we hadn’t set up at the beginning we said “Nai” (Doesn’t exist). In circle time we read a book together called ‘I have Manners’. We knew some of the answers to the questions such as “We wash our hands before eating because they are dirty” and “We cover our mouth when sneezing and coughing because of germs”. We then looked at some artwork by a man called Arcimboldi who used fruit, vegetables and flowers to make face portraits. We selected some toy food and then taking turns we made our own food face on the floor just like Arcimboldi.

All our Love,

Flowers Class Children

Ohana International School