Circles to squares

What a difference a day makes! Yes, a day of drumming with our families yesterday and we were all keen to return to school for our regular schedule in Petals Class.

We had a few things to do at the tables and Hisami and Liezel each led an activity. Hisami sat with us while we threaded beads onto a colourful string. The selection of beads was wonderful as they were all so colourful. We found so many with letters of the alphabet on them and tried to find the letters in our names.

We spent time making two circles into a square and we learnt how to make the circles all by ourselves. We were so happy to see that when we opened up the pieces of paper, they had become a square.

We sat together on the carpet and found our names and looked around the room to see who was not at school. We have missed some of our friends for a long time, because they have been sick. Please get better soon, especially Joaquin as he has been away for two whole weeks. We were glad to know that Yurika is feeling better and look forward to seeing everyone on Monday, when it will be a new month, October.

We practiced our Sports Day chant on the way to and from the park and we also sang the Ohana International School song. It’s quite a long song! We can also practice singing it at home because our teachers sent it to our parents.

Barbara brought a book to school which was all about the world from 1000’s of years ago up till now. It was really different. We noticed that there were no cars; some people lived in caves; people planted gardens and ate the food that was in their gardens; sometimes they made knives from stones etc. Shelley told us that when she was a baby and even when Hisami and Liezel were babies, they didn’t have iphones or ipads. Shelley didn’t even have television. Some of us think that these things were always a part of life.

Meg used the pointer finger and counted 13 children and then Mirai used it and counted the names on the board. There were also 13 names, so it was the same or equal. We made a picnic with lots of food and utensils and when it came to pack up time, we had so many things to pack away. We try to put things back where we found them but sometimes we mix them up.

We forgot to tell you about the pods that we looked at yesterday. They are like flowers and over time they popped open and we saw seeds inside them.

All the children in Petals Class.


Ohana International School