Fun day at the park

What a wonderful day! We are always excited to come to Buds class and spend some time with our friends and teachers again. After doing our morning jobs, we went straight to our activity tables and did some handprint painting and Posca marker scribbling. We enjoyed doing art all the time and we’ll definitely have more activities in the coming days. For our airplane art, we always like to use bright colors for our markers. We then scribbled and scribbled until we’ve made lots of bright and colorful patterns on our paper.

            On our carpet area, we also found some Noah’s ark toys. We adore having the animal figurines in our classroom. Some of our friends also got the fire truck and pretended that they were driving it around. In the library, we also found books about Spot. How we love, Spot so much! He always gives us lots of surprises. Also, he likes to hide in unexpected parts of the house too. The activity table has some puzzle pieces and we are learning with the best of our ability on how to put these puzzle pieces together.

            The sensory table was very busy because it has lots of cars on it. We really like the texture of the fake grass so we kept on coming back just to see and feel it. We also pretended that the cars were moving faster when we were driving them. After our free play time, we cleaned up all our toys for it’s about time to do our circle time.

            During our circle time, we gathered around the area while singing, “Make a circle wide and round”. We held our hands and danced a little bit before we all sat down on the carpet. After that, we learned our names and said hi to everyone. Ooopppsss…but wait! We could hear a sound. The airplane came to our class again, flying around our heads. It landed in front of us while John was singing, “I can see an airplane”.  One question that our teachers asked us today was…who can fly an airplane? One of our friends said, “It’s a man!” He’s totally right about it. There is a name for that man and we call him a pilot. When they heard about the word pilot? Everybody was volunteering to become one so that they can also fly an airplane. We passed the airplane around and imagined that we’re flying it by ourselves.

            Yay! We went to the park again and it’s certainly awesome. It was really quiet and peaceful. We had a chance to play with Petals today and all of us had a great time running, sliding and playing with the sand. Thank you so much Ohana for an amazing day again and see you all tomorrow.

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School