All Aboard the Choo- Choo Train

            Rain, rain, go away! Little Buds Class kids wants to play!

            It was yet another rainy day. We were sad to hear that John can’t play with us today, because he’s sick, and needs some rest. So we had Pauline come instead. Get well soon, John- John! We miss you!

            We did our morning jobs once we arrived, and there were some puzzles out on the table with vehicles on it. Some of us knew what sound each of them made; “Whee- whoo! Whee- whoo!” for the fire truck or police car, or “Vrrrrrooom!” for the motorbike. Some of us even looked out our window to check the different vehicles that pass by our school. We saw taxis, bicycles, cars, and even trucks. That was really interesting.

            For our friends who were not able to do their car artwork yet, they did their best to finish it today with Chiaki. They enjoyed painting the car with different colors. They used a paintbrush and yes- even a spoon! That was very creative of them. We can paint using lots of different things- who knows; maybe we can use a fork next, right?

            We had other friends who played in our kitchen area- I think they were pretending to be in a restaurant. They had milk and ice cream, and vegetable and fruit dishes. Yum!

            We also played with our Lego blocks, and our toy animals with Sayaka. We made some animal sounds, and tried to let our teachers guess what animal it is. We also spent some time in the library, where we enjoyed reading books about transportation, which is our theme topic for this week.

            After playing, we did our best to help out our teachers. We had a mini- circle time, and we sang some song with our teachers. Pauline played her ukulele, and we requested our favorite “Alphabet Song”. We also danced to one of our favorite “If You’re Happy and You Know It”. We also talked about the weather, and our teachers said that because Mr. Sun was hiding behind the clouds, it’s cloudy today. So we did a chorus of “It’s cloudy today……..”

            We had our snacks, and then Chiaki called us to the big carpet. She read a book called “I Love Trains” (We love trains, too!). We learned that trains can carry not just people, but a whole lot more! There are some that carry food, animals, logs from trees, or something big like an airplane that’s top- secret. Oh, and the train has a huge engine! Choo- choo! After reading, she had a surprise for us; she had a felt train with different- colored carriages. We did our best to identify the colors. Oh, and then Chiaki told us we can let some animals ride the train. We had a pig, duck, koala, and tiger. Ooh, we were scared of the tiger at first, but Sayaka told us it was a nice, friendly tiger. Whew! We chose an animal we wanted, and we did high- fives with them before we helped them on the train. Oh, and we also had a baby ride the train- the baby was crying, so we tried to make her feel better by doing a high- five with her, too.

            It was another great day at Ohana, although we missed John, and some of our friends. We hope we can see everyone back at school next week. Have a great weekend!

Ohana International School