Our Evacuation Drill Featuring Special Guests

       It rained the whole day today, so we had to stay indoors- no park today! Oh, we hope that our worm friends we met at the park yesterday are doing okay.

         We had the big painting that we finished yesterday ready at the table- our teachers helped us in sticking colorful tape on it. The different textures we created were quite interesting. We can’t wait for everyone to come see it!

         On the carpet, we read a book with Liezel called “A Lion in the Night”. It was about a baby’s adventure with a lion. The lion in the story was pretty friendly, and was not scary at all! Some of our friends wanted to play dress- up again, and they wore their favorite princess dresses. They were even helping each other put on princess shoes and sandals, and fairy wings. Some of us played with our special puppet theater together with Hisami.  

         Pauline also read the book we read yesterday, “When I Feel Angry”. We practiced doing several deep breaths to let the anger out of our body. We also learned the importance of helping out our friends and calming them down if we see they are angry.  

         After cleaning up our toys, Hisami introduced us to special guests: Mickey and Minnie Mouse (We have our tiny, cute Mickey and Minnie puppets, heehee)! Can you believe it? They dropped by because today is the day of our evacuation drill. Mickey and Minnie told us all about “earthquakes”, where there’s lots of shaking going on! It was pretty dangerous, so our special guests showed us that we need to protect ourselves by hiding under our tables. When the earthquake stops, we then need to go outside with our teachers, as we head towards Nanzan School, a big school with a wide, open area. A wide, open area will keep us safe from falling objects, in case of earthquakes. Nanzan School is the same place we will go to, in case of a major fire emergency.  

         We also practiced what we need to do during earthquakes, so we did our best to hide under our big tables. Success! Now we are well- prepared, and we know what to do if an earthquake happens. Thank you, Mickey and Minnie!

         After snacks, we sang with the piano again, and we sang “Do Re Mi”. We also reviewed on how Mickey Mouse feels, if he was happy, angry, or sad, depending on how Hisami played the Mickey Mouse tune on her piano. Then, we read a book called “I Like Me”; it told us all about that our best friend can be our very own self! As much as we enjoy spending time with other people, we can also enjoy being alone, and doing things that we love. It also told us that we can be the best, and we just need to believe in ourselves. After the story, we did a little “Musical Statues” game, and we enjoyed showing- off our own dance moves.

         After eating lunch, we had a bit of free play time, then we prepared all our things and did our evacuation drill. We went to Nanzan School, and waited to be picked up- just like what would happen in case of an emergency. 

         We can’t wait to be back again tomorrow in school- hopefully Mr. Sun will come out!

Ohana International School