Our Arcimboldo face pictures

We were happy to see a morning with no rain today and excited to think that after so long we would be able to get to the park.  On the table we started off using the cork boards, wooden shaped blocks, hammers and small nails to make pictures. It took us a little while to get used to it but we made pictures of rockets and people on the corkboards. On the next table we saw lots of cut out pictures of fruit and vegetables. Several weeks ago we looked at some Arcimboldo artists pictures and saw how he used fruit, flowers and vegetables to make up face images. We decided at that time what kind of fruit or vegetables we wanted to use for the background to our faces. We saw the big ones ready on the table which we glued to a piece of colored construction paper. We then started adding the fruit and vegetable pictures to represent the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, eyebrows and hair. We thought they all looked really funny and it was great to see how our friends work looked good too.  On the carpet area the car tracks were very popular with many of us and also the wooden caterpillar number puzzle too. There were several play phone calls going on across the classroom and several of us pretended to be dogs. We made barking and yelping sounds for a long time! After packing away the toys we stood in a small circle and practiced some funny balancing poses and then sang ‘head and shoulders, knees and toes’ as fast as we could. After feeding the fish we had our yummy snacks with our friends. We soon headed for the park and made sure after all the rain that we put lots of bug-spray on today. In the park we were shocked to see lots and lots of big wiggly worms, even in the sand-box area. Darren told us that they don’t like too much water and come up after the rain to dry off a little then go back underground. After returning to the classroom we sat in our circle and looked at the clear easel with the face pictures. We started our own pencil ‘self-portraits’ recently and have the shape of the head, the eyes, the nose, lips and ears and today needed to add the eyebrows and hair. Compared to our original drawings they look so much better and we just need to complete the picture by adding the neck tomorrow.



Flowers Class Children

Ohana International School