Happy Birthday Pauline - Did you take the table?

The first thing we noticed when we came into the classroom today was that the big table that is usually in the classroom wasn’t there. In its place was a picnic sheet, six cushions and lots of crockery and cutlery. We soon realized that we could use the space on the floor to play. We soon brought play food and sat having a picnic with our friends on the mat. On the second table there were however 6 activities set up ready for us to play with. The most popular were the magnifying glasses with the little toy stag beetles and wood chippings. The big wooden double sided maze was also popular and although it was a little heavy we were able to get the ball around the maze and then it dropped through to the other side for the second maze. The dress up corner was again popular today and we put on lots of pirates hats and looked at ourselves in the mirrors. The puppet theater was again popular today with many animals and children/teacher puppets making part of the stories performed. On the big chalkboard we drew lots of face pictures and some of us practiced our writing and drawing skills using an erasable book.  As soon as we had finished packing away the toys we had a surprise for Pauline; Her Birthday Party! Pauline was very surprised to see the banners on the wall which Pooja had set up. We immediately sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ song and we put the crown on her head. With the help of our friends we gave Pauline her special birthday card which was several meters long with lots of hearts we had made for her on it. We then moved to the area at the front of the classroom and Pauline received her special birthday cake with 5 candles on top of it. She made a big wish and we sang our ‘snack song’ together. After packing away our snack things we got ready for the park but within 5 minutes of getting outside we felt some spots of rain in the air and had to come back to the school. We then broke into two groups and some of us worked on making and reading short words from the letters; s, a, t, i, p and n. We made the words; it, is and sit easily. The second half of the group were on the carpet with Pooja using a book called ‘Little Yoga’. We practiced lots of different yoga poses including something called ‘meditation’ which means relax! Because of the missing table we used the chairs just like the table and had a special time sitting with our friends to eat.

All our love,

Flowers Class Children

Ohana International School