Sounds of cars and trucks

It was a cloudy day again here in Tokyo. We arrived at school and said, “Good morning” to our friends and teachers. We also did our morning jobs and slowly it is becoming very easy for all of us. It only means that we’re getting more settled and comfortable to stay in Buds class. On our tables, Chiaki helped us out in making a special piano art for children. We had a big piece of paper and some black paper cut-outs that we could stick on. Today, we learned about our sticking skills. We gradually gathered some sheets of black paper and applied the glue on it. While sticking it on, we had to stamp it with our hands.

            On the other table, we had our connecting puzzles and disks. We tried to make sure that we could build a tall tower with our friends and teachers. We used the connecting equipments until we have built the special tower. Some of our friends took some toy people and pretended that they all went to their own office inside the tower. The sensory stacking blocks were quite popular too. We all sat down on our carpet and made sure that we’re very careful in stacking them all. This is also a good practice for our spatial awareness and color categorization.

            During our circle time, Sayaka led the group and it is always fun and educational. First, we took out some drum sound shapes and identified the different shapes that we could see. We found the basic shapes like circle, triangle, square and rectangle. One of our friends already knew all the shapes and he was really helping us out at all times. When we got our own instruments, Sayaka asked us what we wanted to sing. We all requested the “Alphabet song” so we sang it fast and slow.  Then, she took out the speakers and make us listen to some of the natural sounds that we hear every day. This time, we heard the different engine and motors from vehicles. We listened attentively and let us guess what they were.  We were so good in guessing so we instantly said, “train, ambulance, police car and helicopter”. We also played with our instruments as the sounds went off. We also needed to stop when we can’t hear anything. It was so great that we have this wonderful experience with her. Thank you, Sayaka for a fabulous class.

            We also had a short music appreciation class and it was all about our dancing scarves. We sang and danced all the time with it. We put our scarf inside our hands to hide it and then we said, 1-2-3-throw! We all giggled and threw the scarf up in the air. The other activity that we did was animal dancing scarves. We all pretended to be like animals while waving and putting our scarves up and down.  Lastly, Sayaka read some Japanese books and it was all about “Getting to know” our friends and many more.

            Thank you so much for a great day again. See you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School