Happy Birthday to You!

We were all disappointed to see the rain this morning but happy that we were able to celebrate two of our best friends birthday’s today.  The play area on the carpet was very popular this morning with many of us using the Kapla blocks to build structures and the toy road and cars were popular too. On the table several of us needed to do a few pieces of art that they had missed last week. One of the activities was to make some nice handprints using some bright colored paint. We used a roller to apply the paint to our hands and then pressed them down real hard. We were surprised to see how nice they looked when we lifted our hands up. The Lego blocks were also very popular and we made rockets and cars with them. We needed to pack away a little early today so that we could get ready for the birthday party. In the small circle time before the mommies and daddies arrived we reviewed all the months of the year and saw our faces on the birthday chart with the months too. Soon it was time to start and we began with singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song nice and loud. We then asked the mommies and daddies to tell us a little bit about the birth of our two friends and they told us what time of the day they were born and their weight. We then stood up to sing another of our action songs ‘If you’re happy and you know it’. We suggested lots of actions and then it was time for a special treat; two books today. The first book was a popular book called ‘Corduroy’ about a teddy bear who comes alive at night and goes to the bedding area of the department store he is in. After knocking over a lamp he is discovered by the security guard and returned to the toy section. He is then bought by a girl the very next day. The second book was called ‘What do you do with a tail like this’? It was a great book showing us parts of animal body parts such as noses, tails, eyes, ears and feet. We learnt a lot about how alligators use their noses to breathe when they are hiding underwater, how bats use their ears to see, monkeys use their tails to see, eagles use their eyes to see small prey and mosquitos use their mouths to suck blood. After the books we moved to the table to have the yummy birthday snacks. We had some wonderful cupcakes with maple syrup and blueberry muffins. Thank you to Yaeko, Rika and Koki. After the party we looked at another book about playing together nicely before having a second free play time because of the party in the first part of the morning. We then moved to the carpet where Pooja showed us the first letter/ sounds on paper and the magazine pictures we had managed to collect with our mommies and daddies. We then sorted many of the pictures onto the appropriate letter sheet. Today’s new sound was for the letter ‘a’. We practiced writing the letter ‘a’ in our notebooks while those of us from Flowers class last year worked further on the sound made by ‘th’ together. 


Flowers Class Children




Ohana International School