An Artsy- Fartsy, Oscar- Worthy Friday

    Today we were on an all- out artsy-fartsy mode, as we finished most of our Christmas arts and crafts. First, we decorated our gingerbread man/ woman, and we put eyes, nose, a shirt, and a dress. It looks great! Too bad, we can’t eat it. *Insert sad face* But, hey, who knows? Maybe at the end- of- the- year party, we might just have a real, yummy, gingerbread man/woman cookie! Wouldn’t that be nice?

      Next, we had our pinecones, which we glued to a small, circle- shaped piece of wood the other day. We painted them silver and gold and- voila! We have our miniature Christmas tree! It looked really cute.  

      On the other table, some of our friends finished doing their sn—Oops! Wait, we’re not supposed to divulge any information about our super- special Christmas present for you all! Let’s just say, we’re almost finished with it, and it will be ready just in time for the end- of- the- year party.  

      We had our snack after our free- play time, then we rehearsed for our special dramas for the party on next Friday. First, we did the “Monkey Puzzle” with Pooja; I think it’s suffice to say that we were really amazing, especially in delivering our lines. Oh, and our acting was Oscar- worthy. Then, we did our short and simple “Never Give Up” skit with Pauline, which resonated with all of us, as we have to always remind ourselves that it is important to “Try and try until you succeed”. Don’t you think so?

      After that, we turned off the lights on the room, so we can see our Christmas tree light up; we gathered around it, and we practiced singing “Jingle Bells”. Ah, the ambiance was perfect! As we were singing, we even had our arms around each other, as we were definitely feeling that happy, holiday vibe. This continued on until the next activity, as we played the “Statue Dance”; it was so funny, and we were trying our best not to move! When we were done, the teachers just kept the Christmas songs playing on, and we had a good time dancing and jumping around. Some of us even twirled our partners around the room! Ah, don’t you think the holiday season is the best?

      It was surely an award- winning way to end this week, if you get our drift. Well, with the rate our acting and rehearsals are going, we’re destined for stardom! Heehee!

See you next week, Ohana!


All the talented children in Flowers Class

Ohana International School