Finding our Christmas colors

Good morning everyone! It was a beautiful weather outside.  The sun was shining so bright and we’re all excited to go to the park today. On our activity tables, we saw the blue circle sheets of paper for snow globe art and the pine tree cut-outs. We’re just finishing up everything so that we could display and put them on our portfolio.

We also had our Mr. Potato Head and our friends shared the toys together. We patiently waited for our turn while attaching all the body parts. We also requested John to play the piano today because we loved to listen to him when he plays. Most of the time, we’ll come up to him and play something for our class too. Our music is always important and it keeps us calm and happy in the classroom.

The kitchen area was busy because Goh was there to help us out. We loved to her to play with us. She always asks us a lot of questions when we’re cooking which can be described as a perfect way of interacting and socializing with one another. Suddenly, we sang a big happy birthday to William because today was his actual birthday. We love you, big boy and hope that you’ll grow more this year with full of love and blessings.

During our circle time, Sayaka led the activity and she talked about the Christmas colors. She said that it’s also the same with the Ohana colors and they are red and green. Then, she showed us how to cut a pine tree and some special Christmas cut-out. Our teachers spread the cut-outs and pine trees all over the floor. She then told us that if she rang the red bell, we needed to get all the red cut-outs and if it’s the green bell, we had to get all the pine trees. It was really fun doing it because we’re able to distinguish these colors and categorize them accordingly.

We went to the park without John today because he had to sing some songs for the Tokyo Mother’s Playgroup. So, Sayaka, Chiaki and Goh took care of us until we arrived safely at the park. We stayed in the green area and ran around with our friends. Then, after a few moments, we saw John arriving at the park and they saw us playing with other Petals class.

            It was another great day again at Ohana and see you all again tomorrow! Have a great day!

Lots of love,

All the fantastic children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School