Snow & Murals

Thursday 22nd December

Dear Mommies and Daddies,Today was our final day for the winter school wonderland and wed did some vey fitting activities. We were a little sad to say good bye to one of our special friends in Flowers Class who is leaving us and going overseas. We wish them all the best for the future and hope they will come back and visit us again soon. On the main table we spotted some sheets of black paper and colored chalk. We wondered ‘What are these for’? We then saw two books all about snow and realized that the chalk was to draw a nice snowy scene with things like trees, snowmen and snowballs with. On the second table we saw a kind of wooden puzzle cube with colored blocks. The two puzzles were a little different and once we figured out how to put the pieces together it was a lot easier to do. We just need to check the height of the blocks to work out their correct place. A few of us missed the origami tree making activity yesterday and so when we returned to day we got straight to decorating the tissue box and making the origami tree. The class ‘shop’ was popular with many of us today. Many of us picked up the mini shopping baskets and moved around the classroom collecting food items and anything of interest. Our friend sat in the shop at the counter and used the cash register to check the prices of all the items. The dress up materials were also used a lot today with pirates hats, cowboy hats, guitars and princess dresses being the most popular. Several of us went tot to the 3rd floor to work on the bottle cap mural today too and it is beginning to look fantastic. After packing away the toys and art materials Liezel kindly read in the library with us before having our snack. We looked at the weather outside and although it looked gray we decided to take a chance and go to the park. We had a great time until suddenly we felt a little rain in the air. We came back to school even though the rain had stopped and all made a big circle on the carpet area. Holding onto our friends hands we moved to the big art table where we saw all of our snow drawings we did with chalk in the morning. The teachers then held a can of snow up above the paper and we laughed and held our hands out as the spray snow fell through our fingers onto our paper artwork. It was a big surprise for all of us to see ‘snow in a can’! We then all moved upstairs to work on the big school bottle cap mural together. We managed to complete all of the board today and will let it dry over the holidays before mounting it on the fence outside. We are so proud of our work.

Have a great winter holiday and we look forward to seeing you all next year at Ohana. Love from

All the kids in Flowers Class.

Buds Class

Today was a wonderful day in Buds class. We were ready to explore and play with our friends and teachers. After doing our morning jobs, we started working on our activities and we were all very happy to see our friends. On the first table, there were some play activities such as play dough and coloring. We always love to do coloring. At the playdough table, Chiaki was sitting making something…We started playing with the playdough and pretended to make some cookies! When we play with our playdough, our fingers are always very busy! In our carpet area, we put out some of the cars and some trucks that we could play with today. Chiaki was there to dance around the classroom to the tune of Last Christmas.  Sayaka was also there and she was jumping like a bunny around the classroom too. Some friends were dancing and jumping with the teachers. We always enjoy expressing ourselves! They always love to entertain us and we appreciate everything that they do in Buds class. During our circle time, we sang the good morning song, twinkle twinkle little star and the ABC song. After that Sayaka gave us a little bag called a ‘bean bag’. Sayaka asked us how many bean bags we needed. We counted how many friends we have for today and there were five of us today! We put the bean bag on our hands and knees, foreheads, and shoulders.  It was a bit challenging but it was very fun! Also, Sayaka taught us two Christmas songs in Japanese. While she was singing the songs, she showed us some pictures too. We were going to the park but on our way out it started raining…No wonder, we couldn’t see Mr. Sunshine today. So, we had to come back to school very quickly. But, we could have a longer free playtime before lunch time and had a wonderful time with our friends and teachers. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day.

                                             Lots of love,

All the children from Buds Class

Ohana International School