'Tis the Season of Glitter, Sparkles, and Sharing

        What a beautiful day today- sunny with clear blue skies! What a perfect day to spend at the park- but, first things first. We finished our morning jobs, then Pauline helped us do a collage using pieces of paper, pipe cleaners, wood, felt in Christmas colors: green, red, silver, and gold. Some of us went gung- ho on the sparkly bits and glue! Oops! But, still, we were able to create all sorts of interesting pictures.   

        The other table had different- colored pompoms and plastic cups. Liezel explained to us that we should be able to sort out the pompoms according to color; if it’s red, then it should be in the red cup, and so on. We used tweezers to pick up the pompoms, and we were able to sort everything out. Later on, we pretended they were ice cream, and began serving them up to our friends. Heehee.   

        At the carpet, we had fun playing with trains, and Hisami helped us make a long train track. We remembered yesterday’s discussion about sharing, so we did our best to talk with our friends and ask them nicely if they can share their toys with us. I think we did a pretty good job!   

        We cleaned up after, and we sat on the carpet, requesting the special Hanukkah book Hisami read to us yesterday, “The Magic Dreidels”. Remember at the end of story, where Jacob shared the latkes and silver coins that the magic dreidels spun to everyone? Like what we say, “Sharing is Caring”, and it’s nice to see and learn about it every day.        

        We went to the park after snack time, and we had fun playing with our friends from Flowers class. We hope next week’s weather will turn out really nice, too! See you next week, Ohana!


All the children in Petals Class



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