Happy birthday, Hisami!

Good morning everyone! It was a busy day today and we’re happy to see our friends and teachers again in Buds class. After we finished doing our morning jobs, we all went to the play area to see some cars and blocks on the floor.

            There were also jigsaw puzzles on the table. We enjoyed putting all the pieces together. When we sometimes felt that the puzzle was a bit challenging, we showed it to our teachers and they were very willing to help us and guide us until we finished everything. Then we said a big “hooray!” On the other table, Chiaki was there to teach us how to do the reindeer art. We just painted our palms with the brown color and then we stamped our hand prints on the paper. One hand was facing up and the other was facing down.

            During our singing session, John opened the piano and he started playing some songs that we always loved to sing in the classroom. After that, he brought the bongo drum and played some nice rhythm for all of us. We sang the good morning song and called all our names. We also met the puppet snowman today and he read a book about “Snowmen at Christmas”. The puppet was so funny but a bit naughty because he always forgot to use his gentle hands to his friend. So, we had to remind him all the time.

            Petals class and Flowers came to our classroom to celebrate Hisami’s birthday. Her birthday is actually on Friday but we decided to do it today with her. We asked to sit on our special birthday chair as part of our Ohana tradition. Shelley asked us questions like, “What do you feel when it’s birthday?”, “What happens to your body every time you have yourbirthday?” A child from Flowers class replied, “We grow.” Our whole body grows! So, we tried to observe if Hisami grew a little bit today and then we all giggled. We also asked about her age and she was so honest about it. We then gave our cards, hugs and kisses to her too. Then, Sayaka brought the cake out with a candle on it. It was just one candle but we knew it was a special one just for a special lady like her. We love you, Hisami! Please enjoy your birthday week ahead!

            After our birthday celebration, we went to the park. It was a good weather but really cold outside. We all had a great time because we had the park all to ourselves. Petals and Flowers came after a few minutes forour Ohana family photo shoot. Daniella (Lola’s mom from Petals) came to take pictures of us. We went up the slide and then on the sandbox for our pictures.  Next, we all stayed beside the other blue slide for another picture taking. We wonder how this is going to turn out. We’re excited to see these photos.

          Thank you so much Ohana for another great day! We always enjoy playing and discovering new things each and every day. See you all again tomorrow!

Lots of love,

All the happy childrenpg 3 from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School