Our Alphabet Christmas Tree

Dear Flowers Class mommies and daddies,

We were a little disappointed to see the heavy rain this morning when we arrived. It was nice later in the morning but we had already started a wonderful circle time activity and knew the park would be very wet. On the main table this morning we completed our special ‘Happy Birthday’ cards for Hisami in Petals class. Several of us also worked on a special gift message book for one of our friends who will be leaving in the winter break to go abroad. We will all miss her, and are having a bye-bye party for her soon. We wish her all the best! Decorating the small colored Christmas tree in the carpet area was very popular this morning and we were able to choose whichever wooden decorations we wanted. With the lights off the tree looks very pretty now! We played for a long time to day and many of us found the toy mobile phones and used them to hold ‘important’ conversations with our friends. The wooden ramp and marble run blocks were very popular on the carpet today alongside the wood and plastic construction sets. We imagined lots of playful situations in the library area too today after visiting our friends play shop. The big whiteboard became our math center today with several of us doing simple addition with the marker pens. Even though some of us started our own story drawings earlier this week there were still a couple of us who decided to do our drawings this morning. After packing away the toys and having our snack we all sat together on the carpet and looked at a book ‘The biggest Christmas Tree ever’ which was about two mice looking for the biggest tree. We have a small tree in the classroom and lots of decorations hanging from the ceiling too. We decided it would be nice to make some decorations of our own from the colored paper in our spare paper drawer. We were going to make paper chains. We began by choosing a colored strip of paper each and attaching some double-sided tape to one end. We then curled the paper around making a ring. We then selected another piece and threaded it through the first and joined them together. We had 2 tables of us making the paper chains and decided to join them all together. The chain was 104 rings long and big enough to go all the way across the classroom. Pooja then played a great sticker game with us using lots and lots of alphabet stickers which we piled on the floor. We played a game of ‘I Spy’ and once we found the correct letter / sound we added the sticker to the big ‘alphabet tree’ on the classroom wall.

Have a great afternoon,


Flowers Class Children

Ohana International School