Of Colors, Textures, and Pizza Parties.

    Wow, the weather is certainly getting colder each day! We now need to wear layers of clothes to keep ourselves warm!

        When we arrived in school in the morning, we saw some beans and tiny pieces of wood on table. We enjoyed exploring and discovering the different textures: some were rough, and some were smooth. Then we saw an empty egg carton with numbers 1 to 10 on them; we enjoyed counting and we sorted out the different things according to the numbers using tweezers and a tiny spoon. On the tray with the small pieces of wood, some of us were surprised to see small squares in different color buried under it; they did a kind of treasure hunting, and collected the small squares.

        On the art table, there was paint and big pieces of paper. Hisami said we can paint anything we want! So we painted pictures of ourselves, a house, the ocean- and we enjoyed combining and contrasting the different colors.      

        On the carpet, Liezel said we can do the big puzzles, which we did, and we completed pictures of different animals: zebra, lion, alligator, and gorilla. We gave ourselves a pat on the back after for a job well done.

        Some of our friends took some bags filled with food, and they pretended to go on a picnic. We happily shared a big pizza with each other. If only this wasn’t a pretend picnic, and we really had a real pizza…. ooh, that would be so much fun, wouldn’t it? It would be a pizza party!     

        We packed away our toys after, and we sat on the carpet with Pauline. She told us that Christmas will be coming up soon in December, so we practiced singing “Jingle Bells”. We especially loved yelling out “hey!” in the chorus, hihihi. Then she checked our attendance, and we did the calendar. Our lovely weather girl looked outside and reported that it was a little bit sunny, and a bit cloudy at the same time, still an ideal weather for park time!

        We had our snacks first, then we read “Little Blue and Little Yellow” with Hisami. Little Blue and Yellow were good friends, and when they hugged each other close, together they became green! Hmm… I wonder if tomorrow we can also let the colors “hug” each other, and we can discover what new colors we can make! What happens if red “hugs” blue? Pink “hugs” white? Ooh, it will be a lot of fun mixing different colors together to make a new one!

        We can’t wait to be back to school tomorrow, and we will happily report back if ever we’ll have the chance to do our color- mixing experiment tomorrow.


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