Our Christmas Handprint


Good morning everyone! What a wonderful day outside again. We started doing our morning jobs and our teachers were always there to help us out. Then, we went to the activity tables and saw some sensory toys again. In our carpet area, we had our favorite toy cars again and for us these toys look always new.

            Also, we did the Christmas paper clay art. It was really fun doing it because we just had to press our palm down on the paper clay until it made a nice pattern. We put them on the tray to dry. Our teachers told us that if it’s not going to dry tomorrow, we might heat them up in the oven to make sure that it’s hard enough to paint on.

            Next, we also had our kitchen area toys and our friends always imagined that they cooked a lot of dishes. Today, we had some new Christmas books that Chiaki brought to our class. We loved books about Santa Claus and the snow. We enjoyed listening to wonderful stories each day.

            Our circle time was quite simple today. We sang all our favorite songs and one of our friends showed us the toy microphone. He said that the microphone is not working but we tried to turn it on and there was no battery. So, we just imagined that it’s actually working so we sang songs softly and loudly. We also imagined that our microphone can be a rocket ship, a boat or even a snake. We could just use our imagination endlessly and have fun with it. We sang our good morning songs and learned our names again. Some of us were playing jokes on this activity because one of our friends told the teachers that her name was also “Chiaki”. Hence, we called her Chiaki today. After that, we did a lot of musical movements. We are gradually learning about how to move slow, fast and stop. It was really funny because when it was time to stop, some of our friends would even put their hands up and said “Stop” the whole time.

            We went to the park today and had a great time exploring the different areas. It was nice to see how some of our friends were so settled because they even called up their teachers just to chase them around the park. Our favorite part of the park was the blue swing. We just couldn’t stop going up and down until we all got tired.

            It was such a nice time at the park but we had to go back to school. Our friends told us that they wanted to sing “Santa Claus is coming to town”. We sang a lot of times and saw a house full of Christmas decorations. There were actually three “Santa Claus” climbing up on the door and the mail box. There were also some Christmas trees with tinsels wrapped around on them.

            Thank you so much for another great day. See you all again tomorrow! Have a nice day!

Lots of love,

All the amazing children from Buds class 2016-2017

Ohana International School