Let's Decorate!

Dear Flowers Class mommies and daddies,

We hope you all had a great weekend. When we arrived this morning, we were surprised to see lots and lots of sparkly, shiny objects on the table. When we looked closer we saw that they were shiny decorations for the classroom. Many of them were garlands which hang across the ceiling. There were silver, gold, red, purple, green and blue garlands shaped like trees, snowflakes, bells and little angels. We each chose one of the garlands that we liked and helped Darren pin them up across the classroom. There are many of them left and so we are going to put them up in the next few days. Last week we saw a small Christmas tree too which we hope to decorate later this week too. On the second table we saw the large sheets of white paper and a few of the class storybooks. Several of us started our story by doing pencil drawings on the paper last week and today there were a few of us who added some further details or started a whole new picture. Next to the story drawings we worked with Pooja on our special headbands for the Christmas party performance of ‘Monkey Puzzle’. On the carpet area, we saw the marble run set alongside a big box of marbles. We used the marbles on the set and then decided to use them in our own imaginative play activities. There was also a big alphabet floor puzzle which we worked together to complete. We needed to pack away a little early today as we knew that later in the morning we would have our gym class with Miyashita Sensei. After eating our yummy morning snacks we went to the park. It was a little chilly outside but we soon warmed up running and using the slide. Many of us decided to walk across the concrete barrier which was about a meter high and if we stopped our friends said “Never Give Up” to encourage us. We succeeded! After returning to the classroom we had our gym class. We started with the usual warm up, stretching and balancing before practicing walking on a narrow line taped to the floor.  At the end of the line we tried balancing on one foot with our arms out. It was not so easy but we are getting better and better at it. We then had a try at walking backwards along the same line before balancing on one leg too which was harder but fun. At the end of the gym class we played the ‘traffic lights’ game. When Miyashita Sensei said “Blue” we needed to take 2 steps forward then stop. When he said “Yellow” we needed to look around. When he said “Purple” we needed to balance o 1 leg and “Red” meant run away. We then added more colors such as pink with further actions too. In circle time we practiced our Monkey Puzzle song, words and actions with Pooja. We are getting really good at the words and songs and hope you are all impressed at the party and have lots of fun.

Have a great afternoon,


Darren, Pauline, Pooja and all the children in Flowers Class.

Ohana International School