The Great Festival Mash- Up

     We don’t know if it’s because we’re so happy we had the first snowfall of the year today (Weee! Snow!), but the atmosphere in our classroom was indeed festive! But, first things first. After doing our morning jobs, some of us finished doing the Christmas ornaments we were doing on Monday. They are now hanging up in our classroom; they look so pretty! We can’t wait to hang these up at home for Christmas. On the other side of the table, Hisami helped us with our cutting practice; we cut up brown circles, and feather shapes. We’re really getting good at cutting!    

        At the big table, we had our favorite puzzles. We were up for the challenge, and we’re now getting quick at completing them. Bring it on, puzzles! On the other side of the table, we had lots of glitter, black paper, and an enormous snowflake! First, Liezel said we can use a paintbrush to spread glittery glue on the paper. Then, we stuck the enormous snowflake on it. We then sprinkled glitter on it (Umm... some of them got sprinkled on the table and our clothes, too- Oops!), and we stuck some shiny shapes on it. Done! It looks nice in all its glittery, shiny glory.      

       In the carpet, some of us requested to listen to the CD of the “Teeny Weeny Tadpole”. It was about a tadpole who wanted to be a good jumper like his mommy, which in the end, he was able to do so. All it took was patience and perseverance!    

        After packing away, we sat down on the carpet, and we discussed about a special celebration happening in the U.S.A. today. One of our friends told us that it’s Thanksgiving Day! Oh, and it involves a big turkey! So, we found out that the circles we were cutting out was for making a turkey tomorrow, as we have special guests who will discuss Thanksgiving. So, we gave it a go; we put the feather- shaped pieces of paper behind the brown circle that is supposed to be the turkey’s body. We can’t wait to do it again tomorrow! Gobble, gobble!    

        We had our snacks, and then Pauline read “There’s a Sea in my Bedroom”. Whoa, wait! A sea? Really? Anyway, the story is about a boy who was afraid of the sea- but he found a conch shell that his Daddy said had a “sea inside”, which he “let out” inside his bedroom- and he had so much fun playing that he wasn’t afraid of the sea anymore. How about you? Do you think the sea is scary, too?    

         After the story, we did our calendar. Oh, boy, were we excited to say “It’s snowy today!” and put up pictures of the snowy weather. The snow was mixed with the rain, which meant we couldn’t go out for park, so instead, we had the park come to us! No, we certainly don’t mean bringing in slides and swings inside the room, but what we meant was, we did all the things we can do in the park inside the room. Hisami set up a mini- obstacle course where we needed to use our balancing, spinning, and jumping skills. At the end of the course, we had to shoot the ball in a basket which was held up by our friends. We did it one by one, and we cheered for our friends. Yay! We all make such a good team. Oh, and our teachers had to do it, too. It was a workout for them, haha!    

        Ah, what a day it was. It was Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, and Sports Day- all rolled into one! See you tomorrow, Ohana!


All the festive kids in Petals Class

Ohana International School