Miyashita Monday

Miyashita Monday is how we are going to try to remember the first day of the week in school. Maybe we will think of other fun names for the rest of the days of the week. We are lucky because both Monday and Miyashita have a “M” as their initial sounds. There is a song that Shelley learnt long ago that mentions different types of foods that you eat on different days of the week. Each food type has the same initial sound as a day of the week.

“We have moussaka on a Monday

We have tacos on a Tuesday

We have wonton on a Wednesday

We have turkey on a Thursday

We have falafel on a Friday

We have soufflé on a Saturday

We have shmorgasbord on Sunday

We don’t know all of these foods so will think of other words to use for the rest of the days of the week.

    We spent part of the morning doing puzzles and now some of us are trying to do a 100 piece one. We need our teachers to sit with us when we are doing this one. Charlie and Griffin did almost the entire puzzle. Some of us are mastering 35 and 49 piece puzzles so the next step is really the 54 piece ones which we will do later in the week, after the two day holiday. We made a beautiful Christmas decoration which we will give as a gift to our families for Christmas. It is simple and we chose to make the gifts this way. They are hanging up. We used things that we think represent this time of year. We used a pine cone, star and snowflake.

We will make cards later in the week or next week as there are so many things happening lately. Our parents always say that there are so many things to do and so little time; and especially when Christmas and New Year are on “the doorstep”.

This week is Thanksgiving in America and we like to make it a time for us to also be aware of what we have and show gratitude for everything. In our gymnastics class we did our same warm up as usual. Once again we were divided into two teams and did the same exercises. We did jumps like a rabbit, star jumps, bear walking and walking like a crocodile. We did somersaults and put hands up in the air when you stand up. After the somersault, we did another bear walk but this time we went around the cushions. Once we had completed the activities, we went back to our line. The second game in our lesson was the “Gorilla game”. Miyashita sensei counted in Japanese and when he arrived at five which is “goh” in Japanese, if he said “gorilla” we had to run away from him and if he said “gohan” then we pretended to eat.

The last game was the “Sumo” game. Miyashita sensei held up the large green mat and we had to try to push him until he fell over. We were really strong and managed to push him many times. When we play games like these we sometimes get overexcited and need to take extra care of our little friends. We read “Sparkle and Spin” which is an interesting story about words; how we use words; how we can make sounds that become words etc. We loved the illustrations because they were slightly obscure and made us think about them e. g. there was one picture of a person with a hat made out of newspaper. On the newspaper

there were many words and then there were also words and letters coming out of the persons mouth. When we speak we cannot see letters and words coming out of our mouths; we can only hear them. We see words in books and our names are words too.

 All the children in Petals Class.

Ohana International School